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Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Field Service Software Features: Field Billing and Invoice Management

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Field Service Invoice For Services, Products and Service Contracts

Field Force Tracker does keep track of all items and services that needs to be billed. The system flow ensures that all services and work ordered are billed properly and payment collected in time. There will be no lost payment in the system.

All case and work order related activities including expenses, parts, labor, and billable activities are automatically consolidated in Field Force Tracker for invoicing or reporting for your customers. Automatic integration to Intuit QuickBooks accounting software is available, as well as assistance with customized integration with other accounting platforms.

Note that not all features may be available in the standard edition of the software. Some features may require optional add-on modules.

Field Service Ticket and Work Order Tracking for Billing

  • Activities logged against a service tickets and its work order are automatically evaluated for billing. All completed invoices are tracked for billing.
  • Billable items are defined in the service offerings related to cases and work orders.
  • Items such as labor, parts, expenses, and activities are possible billable items.

Setting a List of Offered and Billable Services

  • Supports custom, work order and recurring invoicing to Customers.
  • Service offerings determine what is billable and non-billable for the service being provided.
  • Simple check boxes determine whether labor (standard, overtime, and holiday), travel time, parts, travel expenses, etc. are billable.
  • Coverage hours and holiday groups are used to determine whether labor performed was done during regular service hours, during overtime, or during holidays.
  • Service items may be included in a service offering to offer fixed fee services to customers.

Configurable Labor Charges and Flat Rate Books

  • Flexible labor price books all you to set up differing rates for all your billing scenarios.
  • Labor rates are divided by type: standard, overtime, and holiday and further broken down into labor, travel, and admin. Multiple labor rate periods can be established to handle progressive billing scenarios.
  • You have the option of billing for travel time or for actual mileage incurred. Different labor books can have different travel rates and each labor book may have multiple groups o f mileage rates to support progressive mileage scenarios.
  • Expenses are grouped into travel, service parts, consumable parts, always billed and never billed expenses. You may decide whether each different type is billed or not based on the inclusions in the service offering. Each expense may also have a surcharge or discount factor applied.
  • Parts are grouped into catalogs and individual billing rules can be established for each catalog. This helps group together billable and non billable parts. Each part catalog may also have a surcharge or discount factor applied.
  • You can associate multiple employee types to a labor price book so that the system can automatically apply the correct rates based on the type of resource assigned

Billing Review, Discounts and Payments.

  • The case billing review screen allows you to review the details of how a case will be billed.
  • You can easily see billable and non billable labor, expenses, parts, event charges and additional items.
  • You may even add manual charges to the invoice and apply discounts and surcharges for the entire invoice of for specific items.

Quickbooks, Sage and other Third Party Integrations

  • Field Force Tracker has a prebuilt integration to QuickBooks. Other software integration may be available.
  • The tight integration between the two systems enables seamless transfer of data such as sites, parts, and invoice information.
  • Custom integrations to other financial packages are also available.

Invoicing, Billing & Accounting Tools from Field Force Tracker

When it comes to your invoicing and accounting, mistakes can be costly and time consuming. Yet it's common to find that you have hundreds of pages of messy, excess paperwork or an invoicing system that is difficult to use and incompatible with your other service management tools.

That's why we’ve included in our Field Force Tracker management software an invoicing and accounting program designed to make your life easier, reducing mistakes and requiring significantly less time.

Service industry accounting software

Our accounting, billing, and invoicing system is included in all of our Field Force Tracker software packages. The main advantage of having this system in place is that it is directly connected to both your CRM and dispatch information. Two clicks, and the customer has been invoiced for the work that was just completed – with no need to run back and forth between software or other filing systems. Our invoicing software streamlines the billing process, getting your company paid as fast as possible.

Quickbooks integration & accounting management

The invoicing and billing section of our software is directly integrated with Quickbooks, giving you a single source for all of your invoicing and accounting needs. Our software does everything, allowing you to:

  • Do Recurring, point of sales and or service Invoices
  • Manage customer receivables and account balances with in-built reports
  • Quickly and easily process payments using Credit card processing.
  • Search your database by customer name and transaction number.
  • Define custom payment terms for each individual customer.
  • Bill directly to customer locations or contacts.
  • Email invoices in a matter of seconds.
  • Send invoices from anywhere in the world.

Field Force Tracker's accounting and billing software is designed specifically for service companies, meaning the tools you use are developed with your needs in mind. As a result, our accounting software is incredibly user friendly, and will save you countless hours of extra work and organization.

Invoicing and accounting management has never been easier

Field Force Tracker was created to be the only software you need to run your business from anywhere with an internet connection, which is why we made sure all of your bases are covered. We know how important invoicing is to running a successful company, so we integrated it into a comprehensive service management platform specifically to make your work even easier.

Field Service That Delivers the Most to The Customers

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Field Force Tracker Enterprise provides your large service organization with the following essential features.

List of Features for Enterprise Service Delivery

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Benefits of Field Force Tracker

  1. Helps in Better Customer Service By Getting Field Reports from the Mobile.
  2. Helps in better utilization and management of assets/workforce.
  3. Helps in reducing operating costs in long term.
  4. Helps in ensuring the discipline and punctuality.
  5. Helps preventing the loss of work hours and insufficient time in the field
  6. Actual Travel distance can be calculated & Companies can save on expenses.
  7. Better Sales and Service in Better Return for the Company

Why Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker is simply the best field service software for any company. It has been developed and supported by Rapidsoft Systems Inc, a 15 year old software development company.