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Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Best Features Field Service Software: Service Ticket Management

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Manage your Field Force Effectively With Field Service Tickets

Field Force Tracker utilizes cases to allow for the detailed tracking and resolution of customer issues as service tickets. This allows for an optimal customer experience and efficient use of company time. There might be multiple customers flooding you with field work requests via email or phone. Our Field Service Software converts all these requests into service tickets and stores them in your service ticket request portal, for your field agents to address them based on priority.

Field Force Tracker field Service management software helps your team dispatch service tickets with ease, schedule employees efficiently and provide top-notch customer service. Now you can streamline field service and handle a high flow of service tickets and work orders efficiently. The visual dispatch and scheduling board coupled with the proprietary WorkMax map view and triage areas ensures you have the right people at the right job at the right time. Field utilization is the highest it can be due to a quick and simple mobile interface that updates your dispatch board in real-time as it happens. Connecting mobile, remote and local service operations to better serve your customers has never been so easy.

Field Service Ticket Management Solution

  • Logging tools enable you to record interactions with your customer.
  • Communications such as inbound and outbound phone calls, emails, research logs and notes insure the case is up to date with the latest issue information.
  • Case resolution information can be captured by logging research, time, expenses, activities performed, parts used and parts ordered.

Capture Pertinent Issue Information as Service Tickets

  • Record the Client, site, and site asset related to the customer’s issue
  • Contract or Time and Materials entitlement insures you are providing the appropriate level of service
  • Multi-level category codes enable quick categorization of cases for workflow routing and reporting

Field Service Work Flow Management

The field service automation software supports all field service categories including equipment installations, break/fix, planned maintenance and meter reading. Applications can also be integrated with equipment diagnostic systems for fully automated solutions that initiate and prioritize service requests and dispatch assignments to field employees without human intervention.

  • Field Force Tracker can model complex workflows to take care of tasks as per your businesses problem resolution process.
  • Service Tickets and Work Tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups of people through the use of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Full Service Level Agreement (SLA) support is available and Job statuses can be configured to represent critical points in the lifecycle of a service task.
  • Closing status and resolution codes insure proper recording of the final disposition of the task.

Service Ticket Case History and Reporting

  • Case history is maintained at site, Client and customer levels
  • Comprehensive audit trail time and user stamps all actions in the system to provide complete traceability
  • Embedded reporting throughout the application provides pertinent information where you need it

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

  • Visual and systematic indicators help keep Service-Level Agreement commitments on track.
  • Responsible parties will be notified when an SLA is in jeopardy or has been missed.

Work Order Integration

  • Service Ticket Cases can have related work orders to represent field visits to customer sites
  • Multiple work orders can be related to a single case to represent complex dispatch scenarios (i.e. heavy equipment requiring 2 man lift)
  • Work orders contain all of the information necessary to make intelligent resource assignment decisions based on skills, certifications, location, schedule availability, and required spares.

Billing and Invoicing for Field Service Tickets

  • Case billing provides the ability to review charges for work performed, parts used, event charges etc.
  • Billing review allows billing administrators to review the charges prior to invoicing and apply adjustments where necessary

Field Service That Delivers the Most to The Customers

Top Field Service Software

Field Force Tracker Enterprise provides your large service organization with the following essential features.

List of Features for Enterprise Service Delivery

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Benefits of Field Force Tracker

  1. Helps in Better Customer Service By Getting Field Reports from the Mobile.
  2. Helps in better utilization and management of assets/workforce.
  3. Helps in reducing operating costs in long term.
  4. Helps in ensuring the discipline and punctuality.
  5. Helps preventing the loss of work hours and insufficient time in the field
  6. Actual Travel distance can be calculated & Companies can save on expenses.
  7. Better Sales and Service in Better Return for the Company

Why Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker is simply the best field service software for any company. It has been developed and supported by Rapidsoft Systems Inc, a 15 year old software development company.