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Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Field Service Software Features: Parts and Inventory Management

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Parts and Inventory Management for Field Service Operations

Inventory represents an essential, yet costly component of service operations. In order to achieve optimum performance while keeping costs low, organizations must carefully balance stock levels, locations, spare parts, service levels and more.

This is exactly what our service parts & logistics software can do for your product-based business. You will have all of the functionality and capabilities necessary to centrally manage your entire inventory and logistics operation.

Field Force Tracker Service Management provides you with 100% visibility into your spare part inventory levels and field locations, including multi-bin stock maintenance and serial number traceability. You will also have full access to shipping and receiving, inventory and logistics, part costs and field demand, so that you can effectively increase turns and reduce obsolescence.

Please note some features will require advanced optional inventory module. Contact us for more details.

Key Features Primary Benefits

  • Rules-based replenishment, parts handling and costing logic.
  • Automate manual activities such as pick, pack, ship, receiving and put-away.
  • Browse inventory by site, region, part, status, usage, product line and team.
  • Calculate stock levels based on historical usage and estimate new part min/max.
  • Freeze-forward inventory during physical and cycle counts without any downtime.
  • Configure stock locations for static or dynamic bin functionality.
  • Reduce administration by having the right part in the right place at the right time.

Part orders represent transactions such as parts sales directly to a customer, parts ordered for a specific work order, parts ordered to replenish a technician’s truck stock, or parts ordered to replenish a warehouse. A part order can be processed through many states such as reserve, back order, pick, ship, and receive.

Part Order Information

  • Part order header information includes the type of part order, bill to, ship to, and vendor information.
  • Multi-level category codes enable quick categorization of cases for workflow routing and reporting.

Part Order Processing

  • A newly opened part order represents the demand for a part. Your businesses logistics processes will determine how and where the demand for the part will be fulfilled.
  • Powerful search tools allow you to search inventory warehouses, locations, and bins to find the parts you are looking for.
  • If you can find a suitable part the system can provide alternates that represent compatible parts.
  • Reserving a part request enables users to find a suitable part in inventory and place a reservation against the part. This will indicate to other users that the part is no longer available.
  • Picking a part request represents warehouse personnel going to the specific warehouse, location, and bin and retrieving the part.
  • Shipping represents the physical boxing and shipping of the parts on a part request. Orders can be broken down into multiple shipments with different carriers and way bills.
  • Receiving represents the receipt and put away of inbound parts from vendors, customers, etc.
  • Back ordering a part request allows users to indicate that appropriate inventory is not available. Logistics personnel can indicate the expected receipt date to fulfill the backorder.

Part Order Reports

Reports are provided at different stages of part request processing, Reports include:

  • Reservations.
  • Pick List.
  • Packing List.
  • Shipping List.
  • Goods Received Note.

Mobile Part Orders

  • Part orders are extended to the mobile device where technicians have streamlined parts logistics capabilities.
  • Mobile part orders are created by technicians to indicate the need for parts against a specific work order or indicating need for truck stock replenishment.
  • When technicians remove parts from customer sites the system can automatically create a part request enabling reverse logistics.
  • Technicians can create part orders to represent the sale of spare parts to a customer during a service call.

Workflow Enables Business Processes

  • Complex workflows can be modeled to route part orders through your businesses logistics fulfillment process.
  • Part orders can be assigned to individuals or groups of people through the use of queues.
  • Statuses can be configured to represent critical points in the lifecycle of a part order.
  • Closing status and resolution codes insure proper recording of the final disposition of the part order.

Field Service That Delivers the Most to The Customers

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Field Force Tracker Enterprise provides your large service organization with the following essential features.

List of Features for Enterprise Service Delivery

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Benefits of Field Force Tracker

  1. Helps in Better Customer Service By Getting Field Reports from the Mobile.
  2. Helps in better utilization and management of assets/workforce.
  3. Helps in reducing operating costs in long term.
  4. Helps in ensuring the discipline and punctuality.
  5. Helps preventing the loss of work hours and insufficient time in the field
  6. Actual Travel distance can be calculated & Companies can save on expenses.
  7. Better Sales and Service in Better Return for the Company

Why Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker is simply the best field service software for any company. It has been developed and supported by Rapidsoft Systems Inc, a 15 year old software development company.