Field Service Software – The Force Multiplier

Keeping Customers Happy and Satisfied

A good Field Service Software can make it easy to run efficient field service operation.

Customer satisfaction is essential in building long-term, profitable relationships ultimately leading to customer loyalty and repeat business. A Field Service software let you build customer loyalty. A Field Service software lets you improve the level of service a company offers. It may be the deciding factor in a customer’s level of loyalty and whether or not they continue to do business with that company. By anticipating customer’s needs, improving responsiveness, and delivering consistent service companies can improve customer’s overall perception of the quality of service.

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Anticipate Customer Service Requirements

Field Force Tracker provides easy-to-use functionality, intelligent knowledge base, and comprehensive customer repository to track problems and potentially identify many problems before they occur. With this valuable information companies can make provide preventive maintenance, minimizing the need for another service call – customer satisfaction is increased and costly unscheduled service visits can be avoided.

By having anytime, anywhere access to customer information, repair histories, parts availability and technical product specifications, the field engineer can be properly prepared and complete all of the work during the first visit saving both the service company and the customer money and time.

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Make It Easy For Your Customer To Do Business With You

Today customers have very high expectations and expect fast, appropriate and accurate information from the companies they do business with. Field Force Tracker’s customer self-service capabilities provide your customers with the information they need when they want it, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and strengthening loyalty.

With Field Force Tracker’s robust solution you can improve invoicing accuracy, automate contract renewals as well as offer customized service agreements all geared to improving your relationship with the customer while simultaneously increasing revenues.


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Comprehensive Process Clarity

The Field Force Tracker Service Management system is a complete solution for scheduling, staffing, managing, and supporting workforce in the field. Efficiency is achieved by selecting the most suitable resources for each task as well as accounting for scheduling issues. The decision is made taking into consideration modifiable and adjustable ratings, according to a company’s unique business model.

Through implementation of the Field Force Tracker Service Management system, your business can increase the efficiency of its resource usage and team coordination e.g. the impact of geographical location, by selecting the most highly-skilled team for a particular project and thereby improve its service quality. This system addresses the expectations and needs of managers allowing for the effortless management of resources, tasks, time and knowledge within an enterprise.


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Improve Responsiveness to Customer Calls and Service Delivery

Contact center and field personnel are empowered with visual alerts, automatic escalation, scripting and question tress, a full-range of corporate knowledge stores all at the tip of their fingers to optimize the customer interaction process.

Integrated, multi-channel inbound/outbound capabilities provide for unparalleled customer support whether it is placing an order, updating records, making payments, receiving remote support or scheduling a service call – increasing first call resolution, decreasing call center times and costs, and delivering consistent level of service.