Warning to Patent Trolls

Warning to EVIL Patent Trolls!!

We Treat Patent Trolls with the Utmost Contempt They Deserve

Patent Trolls are Evil.  Plain and Simple.

Evil Needs to Die.  May All Patent Trolls and All that is Dear to Them Die  the Worst Possible Death! They don’t deserve our mercy.

May Courts have wisdom to treat  Patent Trolls as evil racketeers and extortionists as that is what they are!

We will NEVER compromise with patent trolls no matter what.  We will  never agree to pay a penny to evil trolls and we ask every one not to feed these trolls. We are member of many organizations that provide collective support  against evil Trolls.

We will fight back and force Trolls back to pay our costs and other damages as possible, There will no easy dismissals even if they want it, We will fight back on merits  where ever is needed.

We have enough experience of fighting trolls!

So, If you are a patent Troll –  Don’t Even Try! You would lose.

We defeated the most evil and will defeat all others if they ever try!

Patent Troll - Leigh Rothschild

If you are a victim of a Patent Troll, call us to connect with us and collaborate with us. We will help you and and connect with right resources to fight back.