Field Service Software – The Force Multiplier

Highest Level of Data Security

Data Security

Our Field Service Software uses highest level of cloud security principles, IAM policies and access control mechanisms in place.

The system is based on the best recommended practices of cloud security. Data privacy is guaranteed with multiple security controls. The system access is controlled via highest levels of access control configurations.

Our expert security team ensures that highest level of cloud security standards are applied. We use advanced cloud watch monitoring tools. We want to ensure that:

  • That the data and systems are safe.
  • Continuous  monitoring of the current state of security.
  • Regular auditing and penetration scanning of the environment.
  • Automated Data Back up
  • Highest level of encryption of the stored and back up data

We keep your data secure

Our state-of-the-art security systems controls access to your entire organization and secures your data at different levels.
With features such as encryption, audit logs, IP restrictions, and two-factor authentication, protect your data and allow only authorized users access to it.

Encryption to protect sensitive data

Field Force Tracker uses one of the strong and robust methods – AES – to encrypt and decrypt your sensitive data. Apart from protecting data during transit,
our field service software secures data stored in servers using the AES-256 protocol and prevents data from being leaked or lost.

Track user activity with audit logs

We monitor system activities with audit logs, so we can track who did what and when. For example, all actions done by users with respect
to record deletion and modifications will be logged so that we can take proactive decisions.

Prevent unauthorized access with IP restrictions

Use our IP restrictions to limit unauthorized users by only allowing sign-in from designated IP addresses, like your corporate network.
This means that even if your users have their credentials stolen, your system will still be protected from unauthorized access.

Regular data backups

All your data is backed up in real time across multiple servers. In the event of hardware failure or natural disaster, your data stays secure.