Managing Service Contract and Product Warranties

Easy, Flexible and Easy to Set Up Service Contracts

Service Contract Management

Comprehensive and Designed for Ease of Use

Field Force Tracker’s warranty and contract management system module helps you manage warranty or contract based support services. The service contract module can keep track of the product sales date, serial numbers and warranty expiry dates.

There are many different options to define service contracts with various pricing patterns. You can set up warranty dates and offer customers free services during the warranty period.

Contract and Warranty Management solutions from Field Force Tracker provide the necessary flexibility with user-defined pricing, service levels, tracking and billing to support the most dynamic business environments.

Our Field service software ensures incorporate robust contract and warranty management capabilities to improve field service delivery and improve customer satisfaction.



Flexible to Handle Any type of Service Contracts

The system supports various kinds of service contracts. You can add your own contract types and customize various contract options.

  •  Service Only, Parts Not Included
  •  Preventive Maintenance Only
  •  Comprehensive Service Contracts, Parts and Service Included

The software supports all field service categories including phone support, onsite services for equipment installations, break/fix, metered usage, and preventive maintenance and any need for repairs brought in house for service. Easy to use templates enable staff to create standard contract quotations with only a few keystrokes. Quotations can be automatically turned into contracts when accepted.

  •  Maintain All your clients support/ maintenance contracts in a single place.
  • Track Contract vendors and their contact details
  •  Immediately Know which assets are covered in your contracts

Contract Renewals and Preventive Maintenance

Contract and warranty tracking provides the necessary visibility so everyone interacting with the customers knows the contract status, service level, coverage, and the difference between warranted and billable goods and services. These robust capabilities support automatic and renegotiated contract renewals; tracks contract modifications and invoice histories; and easily interfaces with third party financial systems.

  •  Set up email notifications and reminders to renew contracts before expiry.
  •  Support multiple contracts per vendor for different asset classes.
  •  Fully integrated with Job Scheduling and Invoicing functions.


Complete insight into your contract profitability

Establish your reputation as a customer service leader and gain full control over your job profitability.

  • Contract management systems – create, manage and store contracts and client agreements
  • Contacts list – create a centralized data store of your clients, suppliers and contacts
  • Adhere to SLAs with confidence – attach documentation, arrange SLAs by priority and set up
    automatic renewal alerts
  • Minimize customer downtime – automate Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPMs), mass schedule jobs and set multiple PPMs for one job
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget – create estimates and sales orders and track phase,
    material, labour and subcontractor budgets Versus actual
  • Complex management of covered equipment and bills – catering for multiple price lists and billing patterns

Increasing Margins with Service Contracts

The service contract management and asset management are key features of Field Force Tracker. It makes building and managing a thriving service agreement program very easy. it can help you in capturing repeat business and stay busy during the slow season by never forgetting to bill and service your valuable service agreement customer

They provide our customers with a streamlined, reliable way of keeping track of customer relationships including:

  • Customer asset tracking
  • Service contracts and paperwork
  • Editable web forms
  • Customer signature capture
  • Recurring service appointments

Highlighted Features

  • Capture customer contracts easily
  • Know when service agreements are due for renewal, billing, and scheduling
  • Spend less time searching through service agreement files for information
  • Verify customer entitlements
  • Know how many agreements are set to expire and need a follow up
  • Mirror your current workflow with available customization
  • Automatically send scheduled service reminders via phone, text, or email so you spend less time following up
  • Increase your renewals by setting your service agreements to automatically renew with recurring payments
  • Recognize the revenue when you do the work, not when you take payment
  • Custom Modules for Photocopiers, Electric Generators and  HVAC companies


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we benefit from service contracts?

Service Contracts can help you generate extra revenue for a field service companies. Also, for some business, it is part of their business to provide long term maintenance and warrant support.  Regardless what you do, Our field service software ensures that this critical contracts and entitlement data is accurate, available anywhere, and visible to the right parties throughout the service delivery life cycle so that you never give away service for free.

Service contracts can also drive more accurate invoicing and faster payments, reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) and resulting in happier, more satisfied customers. Last but not least, your field service team can also identify and communicate new sales opportunities, generating additional service revenue.

What are the differentiating capabilities of Field Force Tracker Service Contract Management?

As one of the best field service software, Field Force Tracker has unmatched capabilities that go far beyond creating and just assigning a basic service contracts. We put you in the total control of your business.

You can create all kinds of contracts suitable to your business. This is by far the best service contract management software available.

  • Set up recurring prices for the contracts
  • Many options to set the price or charge no price
  • Set up preventive maintenance schedules
  • Auto checking of contracts at the time of work order creation.
  • Add as many products as you need to contracts
  • Service Contract profitability analysis
Can you tell us about your special Module for warranties?

Field Force Tracker offers special  contract service modules for photocopiers businesses, maintaining generators, HVAC Repair businesses and other product lines. These are industry specific modules tied to special functionality needed for those products.