The Best, AWARD WINNING Elevator Service Software in the Industry! Choice of Expereinced Elevator Repair Pros.

Manage your complete elevator service operation using powerful custom designed Dispatch, Quotes, Invoice, PMs Schedule, Contracts, Auto Billing, Inspection Forms and other capabilities.

15+ Years in Making. Used and Loved by Thousands in Over 30+ countries.

Built By the Best Engineering Teams. For the Best Service Pros.

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Technician Dispatching

Get complete visibility over  Field tech schedules. Quickly schedule and assign jobs. Field Techs get automated assignment notifications with our technician dispatch software.

Mobile Enabled Workforce

Keep everyone on the same page and productive— view converted estimates, job statuses, Invoices, payments, and more.

Client Management

Organize your security business customers contact info. Your contacts, active jobs, service and billing history are at your finger-tips.

Installation and Service Quotes

Powerful. Unique. Create  estimates and jobs in seconds with pre-populated products, service line items and more.

Job Work Orders

Schedule and dispatch elevator service technicians with easy to create and schedule digital work orders.

Inventory Management

Enjoy the absolute power of  our inventory management and keep track of  your equipment, parts and products.

Time and Material Tracking

Enjoy Time and Material Tracking For Saving Time & Managing Lost Parts

Contracts and Warranty

Keep information of Service contracts and warranties. Do automated recurring billing.

Billing & Invoicing

Eliminate double-data entry, wasted-time, and errors when you invoice and bill. Integrates with QuickBooks or Sage 50

Sales CRM

Enjoy the power of  advanced Sales CRM to manage all your sales leads, sales appointments and grow your business to new heights.

Maintenance Inspection Forms

Enjoy the functionality of custom built  forms for your need to capture regular maintenance inspections. Increase your sales.

Analytics and Reports

Enjoy 100s of reports with filters to get the 360 degree view of your business,  productivity, financial and inventory reports.

Award Winning Software. Loved by Businesses Around the World!!

Built By the Best Engineering Teams. For the Best Service Pros.

Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
HVAC Software for Multiple Currencies"
Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
Low Cost Elevator Service Software"
HVAC Software for Multiple Currencies"
#1 Elevator Service Software

Customer Testimonials – What Makes Field Force Tracker’s Customers So Happy?

It is Designed to Take your Elevator Service Business to the Next Level

We are a growing HVAC/Refrigeration Company with 25 years of history.  As we added technicians, customer calls and jobs were being lost due to lack of coordination.  We were unable to send quotes in time.  We were using stickers to remember everything and things were falling through the cracks. We  tried several programs but nothing did what we needed. Then, our new technician recommended Field Force Tracker. What a difference! It was night and day. We are able to stay up on quotes, billing and the technicians progress. Our sales are up almost 100%. Overall this has been one of the best things we have done for our company.


John Mulroney, President

A1 Airconditioning and Heating
As a growing  multi-division HVAC company, our experience with Field Force Tracker has been fantastic. It  is so powerful!.   It gives us the the ability to track  employees, quotes, invoices, payments, scheduling, warranties etc for our team of 25 people. I tried many software in the past, nothing met our need of running a busy operation from two locations.  We  chose Field Force tracker  for their fantastic customer service, price point, responsiveness, and many amazing features that no one else offers in the industry. Our sales are up by 80% year over year.  I strongly recommend to any one looking for a full featured system.
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Douglas Moore, Owner

Goodtime HVAC
Field force is an amazing software for any  sales and service business!. We are a major dealer of major brands Office equipment and Photocopiers equipment with offices in about 12 cities.  We sell and service a lot of equipment mainly to the business clients.  We have been using it for over 7 years to keep track of sales, warranty, and service. Their photocopier counter module has been a great help in keep track of photocopier  counters and managing recurring billing.  Our entire team loves the software for its simplicity, ease of use and the  power. Work Order, Quotes and Invoicing, repair history is a breeze.  Software has been fantastic.!!

Anthony Williams, President

KM Office Technolgies LLC
We are a very busy elevator company using  Field Service Software for five years for managing our entire business. Without Field Force Tracker, we would not have been able to grow our company by 80%, It allows us to provide the type of information that the technicians need in the field to do their job on customers and equipment.  The customer support is extremely helpful and always accessible when needed. This was the single most effective decision we have ever made and I highly recommend this system!!

Justin Smith, Service Manager

South East Elevators
We are an Electrical contractor and have been in business over 30 years, mainly new construction.  After researching many many applications, we chose Field force Tracker. It has been fantastic experience for our team. Excellent Technical Support Instant scheduling and dispatch , easy estimating and invoicing both in office and service field. We can compute profitability of jobs and track our team members. Quoting module is fantastic. Helped us grow our business 75% year over year.  You can access the schedule from anywhere! Endless reports. Absolutely fantastic software and our team loves it!

Kathy Amelie Jones, Office Manager

Midwest Electrical Solutions LLC
#1 Elevator Service Software

Advanced System and Easy to Use Elevator Service Software

Flexible and multi-functional service system / Designed to support the Elevator System Service and Installation industry / All-in-One Business CRM with All Features for Sales and Service.

Every Feature That You Shall Ever Need!

Elevator Service Business requires complex knowledge of electronics, hydraulics, and electricity and needs highly specialized Parts and Tools and must deal with local Code Compliance.

Field Force Tracker will help in all areas of the elevator industry, including service, maintenance, repair, modernization, new construction, residential, lifts, and marine/explosion proof elevators. Our Software can help Elevator service technicians in all areas of service and installation of install various components of the elevator system,  to install and perform regular maintenance and repair on elevators, escalators, chairlifts, and moving sidewalks etc.  Elevator service business is very unique. After an elevator, escalator, or other equipment is installed, workers must regularly maintain and repair it. Maintenance includes oiling and greasing moving parts, replacing worn parts, and adjusting equipment for optimal performance. Workers also troubleshoot and may be called for emergency repair.

Field Force Tracker has all the features needed to help your business increase its competitive advantage and improve your services.  Our installed equipment tracking features make it an ideal solution for doing and managing large multi-site installations and schedule maintenance.  You will have the ability to generate detailed service histories, reduce costs through the elimination of inefficient paperwork, and build stronger relationship with your customers.   Customer Portal allow your customers to easily send  service tickets.  If you’re looking for elevator maintenance software that’s easy to set up and use, and will deliver incredible results, you’ve found it here. It will increase your revenue and  profitability. You track and maintain critical  repair records to meet regulatory compliance. You’ll gain an advantage in the elevator service industry that improves every aspect of your business — from getting technicians to the right place with the right parts on time, to managing contracts, inventory, billing and follow up.

  • Equipment Service History: Keeping track of your customers’ equipment details and service history is essential. Miracle Service provides you with instant up-to-date client, medical equipment management and service history information, plus quick and efficient service technician scheduling. A service crew usually handles major repairs—for example, replacing cables, doors and other components, or machine bearings. Our software makes it easy to see repair history and share diagnostic notes between technicians.
  •  Track Special tools:  Keep track of specialized expensive tools. Service crews may need to use cutting torches or rigging equipment and also may need to do major modernization and alteration, such as replacing electric motors, hydraulic pumps, and control panels.
  • Regular Service Contracts: Service contracts are a key component of medical service businesses.  With our software, you can  create multiple types of service agreements and manage them with ease. Dispatchers and technicians can quickly verify customer entitlements, eliminating the costs of providing parts and services not covered under contract. Automated recurring billings and contract expiration and renewals are quickly accessible.  This allows you to provide services that are compliant with service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Advanced Inventory Management:  Our software includes advanced inventory management for fire alarm and security system sales & service companies.  Our software lets you easily track either serialized or non-serialized parts in your warehouse or on trucks, track usage trends, monitor supply for optimal levels and ensure proper billing for every part used.
  • Maintaining Regulatory Compliance and Tech Certifications:  You track and maintain critical records used to meet regulatory compliance. When performing on-site inspections, technicians record the data on their tablets or laptops directly into your centralized database using the Mobile Field Technician application.  Keep track of elevator mechanic credentials (NEIEP or CET).
  • Custom Inspection Forms:  The system allows power capabilities to report and maintain necessary repair and approval forms. Businesses that perform service, repair, and inspections of elevator installation equipment  will find it easy to track critical records needed for regulatory compliance, service delivery improvement, and operational performance.
  • Projects:  You can keep track of large installation projects material, labor, timelines and cost using project management features.
  • Customer Access Portal : Customer Portal allow you to  connect with your customers and meet the ever-increasing demands of residential and commercial security. It is a perfect elevator maintenance software that’s easy to set up and use, and will deliver incredible results. You track and maintain critical records used to meet regulatory compliance.
Elevator Service Software
#1 Elevator Service Software

Versatile, Configurable and Easy to Use Elevator Service Software

Designed to Take your Elevator Service Business to the Next Level. Service History and Inspection Forms. Recurring Billing, Preventive Maintenance, Projects, and Agreements and Customer Portal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quickly & easily access customer accounts and past history
  • Customizable customer qualification screen with drill down features to detailed information
  • Technician skill levels to assign jobs appropriately
  • Automate sales leads management with enhance call taking process
  • Unlimited notes, date/time stamping & spell check
  • Optional customer email notifications with technician picture & profile
  • Color code dispatches for priority or enhanced organization


  • Daily, weekly monthly dispatch board views
  • Single Click scheduling functionality
  • Create multiple dispatch boards
  • Dispatch route optimization and Map support
  • Integrated mapping & GPS tracking available
  • Crew dispatching – Assign multiple people to the same job.
  • Technician time tracking, time sheets and pay rates integration


#1 Elevator Service Software

Turbo Charge Your Entire Sales and Service Operations of Elevator Service Business

Takes Care of your Field Technicians’ All Needs for Successful Elevator Service Business

Low Cost Elevator Service Software
Low Cost Elevator Service Software
Customizable For A Small Business or a Big Enterprise of  Thousands of Employees

Field Force Tracker software can take care of your needs for field service management whether you are a field technician, an office service manager or an executive running the service department.

Reliable Cloud Based Solution – Low Cost to Deploy, Fully Supported

We are so confident that you would love Field force tracker.  It is the best value Field Service software – most feature rich and yet very affordable

Full Business Cycle Support with Full Sales and Service CRM Capabilities

This  is the only software you shall need. It will take care of all your needs from dispatching, calendar planning to Sales and full advanced accounting.

Easiest Onboarding Experience with Superior Customer Support

Supported Onboarding
We organize pre-launch review, provide a dedicated support team to you, and our trainers ensure that you realize the benefits faster. Our Mobile apps are known for their ease of use.
Unmatched Support
We will stand with you when you need us. Providing excellent support is a matter of faith here. Our Tech support teams operating from multiple offices around the world are there to help you when you need help.
Data Migration Guidance
Many of our customers migrate from competitive software to us. We offer data conversion services to move your company’s data from your old software system into Field Force Tracker.

Frequently Asked Quesions

What is Elevator Service software?

Elevator Service software helps you in automating your company’s day-to-day scheduling, dispatching and billing systems to improve efficiency and profitability.

This software helps  office equipment business companies and their field technicians to estimate security installation jobs and invoice customers on-site from a mobile tablet, and communicate with office staff at the same time. Grow your security business profits with field service management software.

Field service software helps you  in dispatching and  manage end-to-end activities for your security  business, including scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, billing, and much more. Sign up for a free trial today.

How does elevator service software help to grow my business?

Field Force Tracker, as an Award winning elevator service software, offers the best field service management tools into one easy-to-use and affordable Plumbing software solution. Give customers the option to book appointments online where they can request a service, specify available dates and times, and automatically schedule an appointment with you. Our app allows you to manage and communicate with field technicians more effectively and gives you more time to do your job and grow revenue.

Does Field Force Tracker elevator service software integrate with QuickBooks?

Field Force Tracker is compatible with both QuickBooks Desktop ® and QuickBooks Online ®. Unlike other field service programs that only support QuickBooks Online ®, you won’t have to change the way you use QuickBooks to start using Field Force Tracker. Let QuickBooks handle your accounting and let Field Force Tracker, our Low Cost Elevator Service Software, handle your field service management for a complete business solution.

Does Field Force Tracker’s elevator service software have a mobile app?

Available for both iOS and Android, the Field Force Tracker’s mobile app lets your team take all of the best parts of Field Force Tracker on the go. Best of all, it’s fully and automatically synced with the web app, ensuring that your team is always on the same page.

Can I set up recurring jobs with reminders for Elevator Service Software?

Our easy-to-use Field Force Tracker Recurring Jobs feature helps you cut down your manual work and keep your team in sync. By setting up the repeat series of work once, your team’s calendar will be populated, reminders will be sent to staff and customers, and invoices will be sent at the completion of each job. Field Force Tracker takes the pain out of recurring jobs.

Is it easy to migrate to Field Force Tracker?

Field Force Tracker offers a personalized onboarding experience with dedicated attention to you, and our personal trainers ensure that you get the most out of our software. Save time, impress your customers, and start growing your business today. Request a demo to see all the benefits of using Field Force Tracker.

What Are the Benefits of Elevator Software

Most companies find that using an office equipment business software improves many areas of their business. Office staff is less burdened by paperwork and is more efficient at dispatching technicians. The software takes the guess work out of which technician will be closest and has the skillset to complete the work order. Technicians are more equipped to provide great customer service and increase ticket size by knowing customer history and providing customers with good-better-best options. Owners can rest easy knowing they’re focusing on the right aspects of their company with detailed reporting and dashboards on company performance.

What is the Best Elevator Service Software?

The best elevator service software is the one that fits your business!  When evaluating elevator service software, you should always look at how all the features of the software flow together. If the flow of the software doesn’t fit the flow of your business, you and your employees will grow incredibly frustrated. Many elevator service technicians find that Field Force Tracker is very intuitive because the software’s design was created with heavy input from owners, dispatchers, and technicians. For our customers, Field Force Tracker is the best elevator service software in 2022.

How can it help me in setting Maintenance Contracts and Preventive Maintenance Reminders?

Absolutely – Field Force Tracker can help in setting up service  contracts and remind you whenever contract renewals or preventive maintenance are needed. It has recurring billing and recurring reminders for inspections for elevator service companies.

Field Force Tracker is the best of the breed  job management software for security businesses. It enables your technicians get access to a mobile app that enables them with context to provide better customer service. With job details, work history, notes, previous estimates and even photos, they’ll be fully equipped to perform their best work. Additionally, best-in-class plumbing software such as Field Force Tracker will allow technicians to increase the average job ticket when they build estimates with multiple price options in minutes. The options provided and the fast turnaround are proven to increase estimate conversion rates.

How do I Plan Periodic Elevator Inspections with Field Service Software

Absolutely – Inspections can be organized very easily. You can set PMI (preventive Maintenance Inspections) with Field Force Tracker for automatic reminders and notifications.  It will ensure that you never miss the inspections. Our Service Agreement modules reminds both agreement renewals as well as PMI inspection reminders. You can add appropriate inspection forms and checklists in the system.

You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Add device to client products
  2. Set up PM Inspection schedules from View All page of the agreements.  The system will then remind you automatically when PM Inspections are due.

During an inspection, an elevator technician will make sure that the doors open and close properly, and that the car reaches its assigned floor safely. During an inspection for a commercial elevator, the technician will also check to make sure that the alarm system is in proper working condition.