Extensive Service Reports and Performance Dashboards

Real-time Insights Into Your Business and Field Service Operations

Field Service Software for HVAC

A Snapshot of Your Entire Business

Get a clear view of your entire company’s performance at-a-glance. With our Field Service Software’s real-time dashboards and reporting, you will have all the information you need to run and grow your business at your fingertips.

  • Dashboards give you all the information you need without having to search
  • Analyze performance of employees and customers, check history
  • Drill down into the numbers to see the details on what’s driving revenue

As a leading Field Service Software, Field Force Tracker’s dynamic dashboard can be tailored to display the metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that mean the most to your business. – Track revenue and trends by day, week, or month. – Sort transactions by business unit or date range. – Compile stats in real time thanks to a cloud-based sync.


Monitor Your Techs in the Field.

With the Field technician scorecard, field service managers get real-time updates on generated revenue, memberships sold, and more for each individual tech. Drilling down into specific metrics can be done with a simple click, too. Now you’ll have the insight to provide coaching and keep your field service team sharp, productive, and awesome.

  • Know which employees are best-in-class by comparing key performance metrics
  • Use side-by-side comparisons to determine which technicians are your rock stars and which need coaching
  • Coach your Customer Service Representative using sales lead and call performance metrics



Field Service Software Reports

Real Time Status of Jobs and Employees

Financial reporting: Access real-time financial data of projected income, taxation, payment, and invoice details.

Quote follow-up reporting: Quote follow-up reports give you a full picture view of how many jobs and quotes you have followed-up and converted into jobs, and invoices. Filter your closed quotes and clients for future marketing campaigns.

Service and work reports: Get a detailed view of what’s been keeping you and your team busy. Report on quotes, products and services, visits, GPS tracking, time sheets, and expenses.

Client reporting: Client reports give you a full picture view of client and property details, along with client balance summaries. Filter by clients so you can identify happy customers who may be willing to leave you positive online reviews, or find clients who you haven’t completed work for lately.

 All Information on Your Finger Tips

Whether you’re interested in growing your field or home services business, or you simply care about your business’ health, reporting software is essential. With accurate reports you’re able to make strategic decisions such as hiring employees, changing mark-up costs, budget margins, and more. Field Force Tracker field service management software gives your office staff instant access to:

  • Job status
  • Revenue Per Tasks
  • Product usage
  • Employee performance
  • Assets
  • Item demand
  • Job History
  • Client History
  • Asset History
  • Parts History
  • Service times
  • SLAs
  • Maintenance agreement costs
  • Upsells by technician
  • Additional services or items sold
  • Revenue by service request
  • Job time by technician or task
  • many more

Advanced Reporting Metrics Available

Field Force Tracker provides an advanced analytics engine with a dashboard hosting hundreds of standard reports and an easy-to-use report creator that lets you visualize data any way you want. You can quickly access the information you need to help grow your business. Discover the services and employees that generate the most or least revenue.

  • Meet your profitability goals with insights on key operations metrics that drive the right decisions
  • Minimize your losses by employing dashboards such as, “Critical Work Orders” that give managers and service professionals an immediate, real-time view on all the work orders critical to SLA commitments
  • Take action from anywhere with up-to-the-minute reports and dashboards delivered on both the web and mobile devices
  • Keep information management in budget with cloud-based analytics that delivers up-to-the-minute intelligence on all channels without IT resources and infrastructure 

Highlighted Features:

  • Define and setup reports for any type of functional entity such as work-orders, technician skills or parts movement
  • Create and customize dashboards that can contain any number of reports and charts in user specified format
  • Print reports and dashboards onto a pdf format
  • Grant permissions and access control to any report or dashboard based on user roles
  • Push any report or dashboard to a mobile device based on user roles and visibility restrictions
  • Leverage 70+ pre-defined reports and two-dozen pre-built dashboards
  • Customize reports with simple and effective, drag and drop, preview and filtering options


  • Easily monitor service KPIs such as job time, lead time, and job delays
  • View dashboard reports from a high level or dig into the granular details
  • Improve operations by balancing priorities, personnel utilization and revenue management
  • Identify your highest-performing team members
  • Increase visibility to field service operations performance and enable informed decision making
  • Discover which services are generating the most revenue for your business
  • Empower your field team to create better customer experiences at the point of service