Custom Job Flow Management

Manage Your Work Flow According to Your Needs with the Power and Flexibility Available in Field Force Tracker.

Workflow Management software

Customize Just About Any Part of the Software

The Field Force Tracker’s is a force multiplier — giving unprecedented control and abilities on how you run your service operations and your business.

There are hundreds of options on how you control your work orders, job assignments, quotes, invoices and job options.

It supports your businesses’s work flow and not other way round. Some software will force you to make changes to how you work, but not the field force tracker.

You can customize just about any thing with so many options available to you.

No other software gives you so many options to control how jobs get handled from start to finish.



Work According to Your Needs – Enjoy the Built in Flexibility

Give your team the tools to succeed, from office administrators to field technicians. Field Force Tracker’s powerful Job Management system makes it easy to tackle everything from estimates to complex multi-day projects. Keep your team moving and get more jobs done with Field Force Tracker.

Just about any part of our powerful software can be customized to your needs.  You work according toi your plan and not according to the need of the software. Field Force Tracker offers numerous customizable options:

Work Order –  Highly Customizable with many options

Quotes –  Highly Customizable with many  Options

Invoices – Highly Customizable with many Options

Contracts – Highly Customizable with many Options

Inventory – Highly Customizable with many Options

Checklist Forms – Highly Customizable with many Options


Workflow Management software
Workflow Management software

Every business is unique and we want you to feel right at home!

Field Force Tracker provides a ton of configuration options. In fact, the number of customizable elements has grown exponentially over the years as our clients look for more and more configuration options – and we always try to keep our customers happy!

Not only you can customize the software, Field Force Tracker ensures you send the right tech to the right job at the right time with amazing results. It ensures that you can increase first time fix rates and decreases average time to repair.

We provide real-time job status and get everyone on the same page. The staff that handle incoming calls, job scheduling, and dispatching are the voice of your company. Most often, they are the first contact a customer has with you. With an intuitive software, you have complete picture on a dashboard.

 Build Custom Form and Checklists

Some field service software are one-size fits all, which means you’re forced to use generic forms that don’t actually capture the data you need to run your business.

Field Force Tracker recognizes that every business is different, so all our forms can be customized. Use an array of custom fields to create punch lists, inspection forms and data collection forms that can be used in the office or out in the field.

  • Ability to create custom forms
  • Field data syncs back to the office
  • Customize forms as per your needs
  • Create multiple custom forms
  • Organize fields into groups
Workflow Management software
Workflow Management software


Field Fore Tracker’s multiple calendar views makes it easy for dispatching your team efficiently. Choose from multiple different calendars and views for managing your team’s schedule.  Get clear visisbility of availability for all team members to avoid booking conflicts.

Month and Week view: provides a great overview of all your jobs and assigned employees.
Grid view: allows you to quickly move visits between assigned employees and times.
Map view: shows you who is working where, and allows for daily routing.
List view: provides an overview of your tasks for multiple months on a simple scrolling list.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quickly & easily access customer accounts and past history
  • Customizable customer qualification screen with drill down features to detailed information
  • Technician skill levels to assign jobs appropriately
  • Automate CSR scripts to enhance call taking process
  • Unlimited notes, date/time stamping & spell check
  • Optional customer email notifications with technician picture & profile
  • Color code dispatches for priority or enhanced organization


  • Daily, weekly monthly dispatch board views
  • Single Click scheduling functionality
  • Create multiple dispatch boards
  • Dispatch route optimization and Map support
  • Integrated mapping & GPS tracking available
  • Crew dispatching – Assign multiple people to the same job.
  • Technician time tracking, time sheets and pay rates integration