Purchase HVAC Dispatch Software to Improve Your Service Operation

A large number of users of our award winning software Field Force Tracker are HVAC companies. They are using it to dispatch technicians, invoicing customers in the field and lowering costs. They are greatly benefiting with the deployment of dispatch software implementation.

Your businesses may  offer excellent services– your technicians may always do a good job and you charge a fair amount of money for your services – but if your customers aren’t happy, your business is not working to its full potential.

In today’s competitive world, it’s not enough to provide a service; you have to make your customers feel good about recommending your service to other customers. Our Field Force Tracker -HVAC dispatch software can help you provide a more positive customer experience and help you improve your bottom line.

Easily schedule jobs with Field Force Tracker

Our HVAC dispatch software allows you to see availability and schedule open slots with a simple calendar format. Thus you can make better use of your productive time. We take the complexity out of HVAC service dispatch software by using simple color-coding and calendar overlay. This allows for easy viewing of your schedule and improves day-to-day HVAC dispatching.

Field Force Tracker – Mobile applications are custom designed to integrate with your operation. Field technicians can totally manage their schedule in the field

HVAC Service dispatch software will help you manage your customer better

Keep track of costs that increase your bottom line. Do you carry too much inventory, or not enough? What about wasted money on unnecessary trips back to the office, or out to the field? HVAC service calls can be long and tedious. Don’t win the client over just to lose them for not having the right inventory on hand.

hvac disptach software
hvac dispatch software

Increase your technicians’ efficiency

Field technicians want solve problem quickly and hence having full information about the job before going to the site is very important. With service dispatch software like Field Force Tracker, fieldworkers can receive job details and updates remotely on their mobile devices.

Using their mobile devices while servicing a customer, technicians can capture before and after images on the job site and capture signature for proof of service.  They can also easily check inventory and keep track of what parts have been ordered, and what is needed. They can keep their parts inventory also checked and do invoice and estimates in the field.

Keep the office and field Technicians in sync

Another advantage of Field Force Tracker is that it will make your office paper free. Minimizing the paperwork is important to provide the best experience for your customers. With our Field service dispatch software, your technicians can make changes to invoices on the go, and then get customers’ signatures right on the spot – no more waiting or repeat visits that waste time and money.

Then you can easily export all your customer and invoice data to QuickBooks. The field will even have access to when a contract is due or what is covered under your service agreements with a customer. It’s all on hand, at every service call.

Improving Service is Improving Bottom Lines

If you can improve your customer experience, you will improve your bottom line. Happy customers means more calls, more referrals, and more business. With HVAC dispatch software like Field Force Tracker, your business will run more efficiently and your customers will be happier.

The software allows keeping all your customer information in one place, accessible to both the office and the field, helps you provide the best customer service experience and grow your HVAC Business.

Manage Work Orders More efficiently

A field service operation is about providing maximum service. Keeping streamlined work orders can help you do more than just stay organized. It can keep your entire business up and running on the same page, with up to the minute information on customers and jobs. A work order management system like Field Force Tracker can help you keep business coming through your door.

Better Organization is good for everyone

Field workers waste time when they have to make unnecessary trips back to the office to collect information. Effective work order systems, like Field Force Tracker, will help you keep your people informed in real time with push notifications, SMS, or email. It can help you to prevent time from being wasted.

About Field Force Tracker – Field Service Dispatch Software

Field Force Tracker (https://www.fieldforcetracker.com/) is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps improving the productivity of their mobile workforces.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

Field Force Tracker is used for service management in a wide range of industries including HVAC, Property Management, Cleaning, IT services, Contractors, IT management, and Maintenance service firms.

Using Field Service Mobile Apps to Improve Field Service Operation

Field Force Tracker is a new generation of field service software or fields service management software. It is designed with mobile first philosophy which means a lot of system functionality is built to be used using mobile application by field technicians.

Field Force Tracker offers both iPhone and Android native apps that allow field technicians to manage their field service operation from the mobile apps specially designed for this purpose.

The mobile field service applications have been developed by a team that has designed several hundred applications before. It provides strong field job tracking and employee location tracking, job management and assignment, and customer management features in the system.

Field Force tracker apps are designed by a highly experienced team, and that shows in the features and functions of our apps.

Use of Field Force Tracker Mobile Apps for Field Service Management

Mobile technology is redefining the field service industry as field technicians increasingly leverage mobile devices for tasks that previously required time-intensive phone calls and paperwork.

Today this technology is helping to streamline workflow by mitigating daily challenges and making things easier for everyone. In a recent study, over 80% of organizations identified mobility as a strategic initiative to gather real-time intelligence for field service jobs. Clearly, this technology offers significant benefits in enhancing end-to-end processes. The following are five ways we see mobile applications and mobility transforming the field service operation:

fieldforce Tracker

  1.   Improve Operational Efficiency With Field Service Mobile Apps

Field Force tracker apps are designed by a highly experienced team.

Mobile devices and apps connect field workers to back-office personnel, customers and equipment. It  facilitates a real-time end-to-end flow of information that allows field service personnel to make critical decisions so they can move on to the next task expeditiously. At any one time, an in-day schedule change might require calling a dispatcher or having to drive back to the office to pick up paperwork, but with mobile technology, information is delivered to technicians’ devices, making them more efficient and better able to perform their tasks no matter where they are.

Field force tracker mobile apps automatically updated assigned jobs and the job status can be updated from the field.

  1. Improve Team Collaboration With Field Service Mobile Apps

Our Field service mobile apps facilitate easy collaboration. By connecting field techs with each other and back-office personnel, mobile technology keeps everyone within the organization aligned.

A truly mobile workforce transcends the limitations of geography.  With Field Force Tracker Mobile Apps, field technicians can access information anywhere, anytime, regardless of their location.  They are always connected to the system as if they were  in their offices. From the field, they can use mobile applications to request information or assistance from other co-workers already in the field. This  prevents costly disruptions in their workday caused by frequent trips to the office.  This can save cost to the companies as well.

A field technician can contact colleagues in the event of a problem such as needing a part to complete a job. Field Force Tracker supports multiple levels of parts inventory in its award winning mobile apps.

If a nearby co-worker has the part, the technician doesn’t have to waste precious time and fuel driving to a warehouse to retrieve it. It is this enhanced collaboration that leads to increased productivity and, ultimately, a more efficient workday.

  1.   Deliver Streamlined Services With Field Service Mobile Apps

Real-time access to route and schedule information and unplanned schedule updates help field technicians to not only get to their assignments faster but also helps them resolve issues more quickly. Field Force Tracker Mobile apps have built-in navigation features.

Field Force Tracker Mobile apps provide the field technician with easy access to information such as customer and equipment repair histories, invoicing and billing issues.  The dispatchers always know the locations of nearby technicians to request assistance in case of problems or to notify them of jobs at risk. This access solves the immediate issue and reverberates through the workday in the form of enhanced efficiencies, time management and increased service excellence – three of the key challenges facing field service organizations today.

      4. Integration with ERP and CRM Systems

While mobility is extremely valuable to field service organizations, the value increases exponentially when properly integrated with other platforms, including in-house workforce management. For example, Field invoices done using Field Force Tracker Mobile apps can be synced with QuickBooks accounting software.

Custom integration with other ERP and CRM systems can also  facilitate the real-time flow of essential information, automates tasks such as the capture of location and performance data and job-related notifications and allows immediate access to information such as invoices and customer histories. Greater integration leads to greater efficiency, which leads to streamlined operations and that leads to an enhanced bottom line.


  1.   Operational Planning and Service Level Improvements

Mobile applications for field service can enable  lot of new features that were not possible before. For example, one can capture the customer signature in the field or upload the photos and  images of the mobile applications.

Field mobile devices, in-cab equipment and M2M sensors attached to field machines constantly capture and transmit data to back-office systems, where it can be stored and analyzed for optimal decision-making. Integrating mobile sensors will be the future development in the field service industry.

Whether it’s proactive maintenance to mitigate equipment failure or enhanced routing and scheduling to increase productivity, quantifiable insights delivered by the data can make the difference between running a good operation and an excellent one. Data from the field helps refine operations and identify trends and areas for improvement, which leads to enhanced performance and happier customers.

For more information about the new field service application features, view Field Foce Tracker’s mobile app at Apple ITunes or on Google play.

Field service apps are being used by many companies such as hvac repair, security solutions vendor, IT management companies, office equipment repair companies.


Seven Benefits of a Modern Field Service Management Solution

With over 10 years’ experience of continually developing and delivering fully integrated business solutions and committed to utilizing the latest technology, Field Force Tracker offers seven of the most achievable benefits obtainable through use of a modern Field Service Management system.

Field Force Tracker is a new generation of field service software. It is designed with mobile first philosophy and provides strong field job tracking and employee tracking, job management and customer management features in the native mobile app

1. Better Field Employee Satisfaction

Field Force Tracker is mobile enabled Field service management software. It enables employees to get all the information in their hands using their mobile.

The ease which they can manage their field job improves their job satisfaction. This means that they can do their job better and feel less frustrated.

2. Optimum Use of Field Employees with Smart Job Scheduling

The most important task of field service management software is to allow you to optimize your field service resources. So, when a customer calls, you want to quickly assign the available technicians to them.

Now, a Field service management system has to be smarter than just pulling the calendar and putting the name of person there. While this works in a small business, it is not going to work in a medium size or larger businesses. Larger the business is more sophistication is needed in the software.

The promise of effective job scheduling lies at the heart of most Field Service Management systems and they all have some scheduling capabilities.

In reality, scheduler in Field Service Management have traditionally can be considered to belong to two main categories. At one extreme is the simple ‘Call Allocation’ model which does precisely that – simply allows an operator to decide which field engineer or field technician gets what job based on their own judgments.

fft-blogimg copy

At the other extreme is the ‘Intelligent’ or ‘Dynamic Scheduling’ or “Smart Job Scheduling’ model. These advance schedulers permanently juggle a large amount of prescribed complicated rules and other data to continually generate an up-to-date schedule. Whereas the former places entire reliance on the operator and is mostly used in smaller companies where options may be relatively limited, the latter relies on having data relating to every possible permutation and scenario which is far too costly in terms of finance and resource for all but the very largest customers.

Field Force Tracker uses a third approach that combines the best of the both worlds. It combines the two approaches in a meaningful way.

Our Job scheduler combines the ease and benefits of the two older approaches. It is a Called ‘Operator Assisted Scheduling’. While an operator can assign a person of his choice, it also allows for the system to determine a range of options based on rules based logic. However, it also allows for this to be fine-tuned and tailored by the unique knowledge of the operator.

In addition to the obvious advantages of being the best of both worlds, it also allows the system to be used equally effectively by a greater number of people. Less skilled operators can rely more on the system recommendations while higher skilled operators can bring their own insights and understanding.

3. Real-time Inventory Management & Parts Availability 

A modern, state-of-the-art Field Service Management system offers levels of stock visibility across a mobile workforce who would simply be impossible with either a manual system or a solution based on an older technology platform. Take just one example, managing replenishment levels and setting minimum/maximum stock levels. Not only should a modern Field Service Management system provide complete visibility of the breakdown of stock each mobile engineer is carrying in real-time, it should also identify which are fast and slow moving items, thereby extending ‘Lean’ thinking into your mobile workforce and avoiding unnecessary costs tied up in inventory.

4. Reduce Time to Invoice and payment Collection

While it may have come as no surprise a decade ago to hear of 6-8 week time periods between an engineer visit and invoicing the customer, the painful reality is that a number of companies still reliant on manual systems aren’t doing much better. Even those reliant on earlier Field Service Management systems may well be still restricted to weekly batching. Modern, fully integrated systems however offer the ability to invoice on a same day basis, often when the engineer is still on-site.


 5. Quick Estimates for Field Service or Installation Jobs

One of the key requirements of service business is to generate quick cost estimates for repair and installations to new customers. The field Force tracker allows estimates to be sent in minutes and not in hours.

6 Proper Costing of Service Contracts

Keeping costs to a minimum is vital to all companies but in the world of Field Service Management, it can be surprisingly difficult to determine exactly what those costs are. And it’s not just the exact costs of each engineer; it’s also visibility about whether a contract is financially viable, and if so, by how much. Workload does not always equate to profitability so unless you have a system which provides real-time visibility of costs as well as powerful job and business-wide reporting, you may never be able to keep on top of your costs.

7. Better Customer Satisfaction with Better Services

The adage may well be that ‘the customer is always right’, but one thing is for certain, knowing and understanding your customers is the most effective way of doing business with them. A manual system or earlier, older Field Service Management system simply does not have the means to retain and provide the unique information relating to each customer, which is essential to maximizing that relationship.

A modern system combines all the widely accepted benefits of a CRM system with the unique information relating to each Field Service Management interaction for every customer. Most importantly, this information is then available to each and every engineer or member of your mobile workforce, enabling the most consistent, well informed interactions with every customer. And, by having access to the entire historic record of each customer, future needs and opportunities can be developed and tailored to maximize and grow that relationship.


 Field Force Tracker is One of the Best Field Service Software

In Field Force Tracker’s experience, many companies recognize an area of need in their Field Service Management system capabilities. They want to improve services to their employees, clients and customers, but they do not know what best software is for their requirements. Some of them are stuck with poorly designed software that does not meet their needs at all.

Field Force Tracker is a new generation of field service software. It is designed with mobile first philosophy and provides strong field job tracking and employee features in the native mobile apps.

By looking at each of the above areas as potential opportunities to gain competitive advantage, a company can see that it can greatly improve its services and benefits with some of the great features in the Field Force Tracker software for the field service management. It is designed to suits your own business needs now, and into the future.

New Generation of Field Service software

The modern field service management systems, like Field Force Tracker, are sophisticated software systems. They can help you manage your services in a better way, save time and improve productivity.

They include a lot of functionality unlike the older systems which were just only an appointment holder. In this article, we are going to explain some features and terms related to the field service management. Don’t worry if you don’t know all of the terms: I am going to explain them for you. Here is a glossary of the top ten words and phrases that are frequently used in field service management.

Optimum Scheduling for Field Service Management

The most important task of field service management software is to allow you to optimize your field service resources. We want the best person to handle a job. We also want to minimize our field service cost. What else do we want? We also want to make the best use of our resources so that every technician has useful jobs to do matching his skill sets.

So, how do we do that? – You use sophisticated and smart field service software like Field Force Tracker.

Field Service Management

Field service management is the practice of organizing, scheduling, and routing mobile employees. This is critical to the success of businesses in a wide variety of industries and typically includes a dispatch or call center as well as a field workforce. Field service management is used by companies of all sizes, from smaller organizations with ten mobile employees to large companies with tens of thousands of staff providing services all across the globe every day.

Field Technician or Field Engineer

A mobile employee, referred to as a technician in some industries, is a member of an organization’s mobile workforce. These staffers perform services in the field – at customers’ homes, places of business, or in isolated areas far from population centers. These services are wide-ranging, and can include:

  • Delivery
  • Service and repairs
  • Safety and security
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Mobile Workforce and Field Service Mobile Applications

The mobile workforce collectively refers to an organization’s mobile employees. Mobile workforce sizes and types vary greatly between industries and specific companies. For example, some businesses employ only their own field staff while others rely completely on subcontractors. Many rely on a hybrid model, comprised of both direct and third-party mobile employees. One common theme that impacts all mobile workforces is the need to effectively schedule appointments and plan routes so that customers receive the best service possible.


Cloud Based Software

Cloud computing refers to a method of storing information on remote servers that are accessed through the Internet. When data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed by any authorized user who has an internet connection. This makes the information globally accessible. The opposite of cloud computing is storing data locally on a personal machine or an in-house server.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a model of accessing software via the cloud. All of the data and capabilities of the software are stored in the cloud. Users access the programs and information through the Internet. Simply, SaaS is cloud-based software. It provides an alternative to storing information on individual machines or local servers.

Integrated Accounting

Most field service software can do some sort of scheduling but only some software are smart to deal with sophisticated rules of accounting and billing and scheduling. Good field service software like Field Force Tracker includes a very tight integration of accounting with the work order management. It means that most information in a work order is transferred to accounting or invoicing module.

This ensures that no customer us under billed and thus maximizing your income and profits.

Benefit With Field Force Tracker Field Service Software

Field Force Tracker is designed to benefit a plethora of industries. It suits every one.

Field Force Tracker is deemed as one of the best field service software. Our  team has drawn on its rich experience and expertise of  installing field service software over hundreds of successful business management implementations around the world to ensure that companies using Field Force Tracker Service are best placed to overcome the challenges not only of the current business environment but those that will emerge in the future.

At the heart of this is a true end-to-end mobile management solution that provides real-time information and resources to field based engineers, delivered directs to their mobile or touch screen device.

Field Service Dispatch is easy To Manage

Because our  field service software includes sophisticated scheduling capabilities, managing field service dispatch is easy. It can take care of employee time-sheets, field invoicing and service estimates making your field service operation better.

Field Service delivers consistent levels of control and visibility to a wide range of field service industries.

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning
  • Office Equipment
  • Telecommunications & IT
  • Catering & Vending
  • Building Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Sign/Display Installation & Maintenance
  • Shower Equipment
  • Lighting Systems & Maintenance
  • Lifts/Escalators & Conveyor Systems
  • Fire Equipment/Services/Systems
  • Boilers
  • Alarm/Call Systems
  • Water Extraction & Treatment
  • Cleaning/Hygiene & Sanitation Equipment
  • Window Maintenance
  • Refrigeration/Systems & Equipment
  • Lifting & Jacking Equipment/Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Equipment/Tools
  • Dental Laboratory Products
  • Gas Turbines & Generators
  • Gas Service/Maintenance/Equipment
  • Domestic Appliance Servicing
  • X-Ray/Electro Medical Equipment

These are just some examples. Call us for more information at any time if you want more information of  this great field service dispatch software.

 Migrating from Old Field Service Software to Field Force Tracker

If you are using any other field service software, our team can help you move to this software. We will help you migrate your data, your clients and your inventory to our systems. We have extensive development capabilities, so integration with any other external system is easy for us.


Improving service using Field Force Tracker Field Service software

Field Force Tracker is leading the way in advanced and flexible field service management

software. Built using the latest innovative internet Cloud base SaaS technology, our browser based solution delivers unprecedented levels of control and visibility to field service businesses.

The Field Force Tracker Field Service management system is a complete back office service and mobile management solution providing real-time information and resources to field based engineers, delivered directly to their mobile or touchscreen device. Service engineers are able to access and relay information directly to the back office management system. This ensures that mobile data and customer information is unified throughout the company.

The Field Force Tracker Assisted Scheduling solution provides the ability to manage reactive and planned maintenance visits whilst constantly monitoring engineers’ diaries and viewing optimum time slots and spare engineer availability.

Field Force Tracker was established in 2006, and today we are a leading force in the provision of integrated business solutions for field service providers. Our philosophy is to supply companies with state-of-the-art, flexible business solutions, and to enable our customers to achieve leading-edge business operability.

With over 10 years’ of experience, Field Force Tracker serves an increasingly diverse customer base, which includes small, medium and large size companies. With hundreds of successful implementations and tens of thousands of users  around the world, Field Force Tracker has a proven track record of working with some of the world’s most well known companies.

In a constantly changing business environment Field Force Tracker is a provider you can trust, and with continual product investment, a company which will be around in the future. Field Force Tracker provides clear, practical advice and solutions for businesses looking to deploy field service software.

Implementing the correct solution with the right technology is key to improving customer service whilst ensuring efficiency and profitability. Field Force Tracker has over 10 years experience of implementing and supporting customers from our offices in US and India.

Whatever your business, whatever your size and wherever you are in the world, Field Force Tracker Field Service is the Field Service solution for you.

The fully integrated, complete business solution For the Field Service


Field Force Tracker Field Service provides an end-to-end solution that enables companies to achieve increased efficiency and customer service, maximize profits and build competitive advantage.

The core elements of the Field Force Tracker Field Service system include a comprehensive Contact Management system, Quotations, Warranty Service, Assisted Engineer Scheduling, Remote Engineer applications, Workflow, Call Centre Case Management and Planned Maintenance. Additional integrated modules include Document Management, CRM, Stock Control, Purchasing, Finance and Engineer Tracking.

Functionality at a glance

  • Comprehensive Contact
  • Management
  • Asset/Warranty Management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Call Logging & Escalation
  • Engineer Scheduling
  • Engineer Skills Matrix
  • Remote Engineers
  • Stock Management/Purchasing
  • Job Costing
  • Invoice Generation
  • Document Management
  • Task Management/Reminders
  • Mapping Web Services
  • Postcode Lookup Web Services
  • Audit Trail
  • Multi-Language
  • Web Portal
  • Text Messaging
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Fully integrated to the Nobile Apps on iPhone and Android
  • business suite
  • Integrated with MS Outlook

Empowering our customers

Field Force Tracker Field Service uses the latest innovative internet technology to provide accurate, reaI-time information to field based engineers and sophisticated management applications for back office operators and management. At the core of the Field Force Tracker Field Service solution are the Management Reporting, Document Management, Workflow and Customisation Toolkit

modules. This underlying technology provides the basis for increased operational efficiency and productivity, leading to improved customer service.

Customization and Reconfiguration

The Customization options functionality enables Field Force Tracker Field Service to combine the power and stability of a standard off-the-shelf package with the important added benefit of a system that can be tailored to meet the precise needs of your company.

The Customization options specific staff to add or enhance functionality, thereby delivering additional flexibility to Field Force Tracker users.

Customizations exist on an additional layer which extends the core functionality of Field Force Tracker without the need to alter the standard software. Customizations can range from the introduction of simple validation on fields to new panels and scrolling data sets for data entry and data display. The Field Force Tracker Customization Toolkit provides the ability to extend any table by adding any number of columns for storing additional information. These are called Custom Columns and can be managed from within the software without the need to make any manual database changes.

The Customization options and Custom Columns functionality provides further extensibility to Field Force Tracker Field Service applications, ensuring that as your business requirements change you do not outgrow your system.

“As your processes develop or your customer requirements grow, Field Force Tracker Field Service can be adapted to meet these changes by empowering you to enhance the system without needing to involve the software author.”


Management Reporting

A key requirement for any business is that the Management Reporting functionality provides accurate, consolidated business information via an easy to use, real-time reporting system. Users will be empowered by being provided with the information they require for their job function, and management will be better informed to make strategic decisions. Field Force Tracker Field Service provides many standard reports and interactive query screens for viewing information.

The ability to create, view and share powerful reports and Key Performance Indicators quickly and easily without the need for detailed technical expertise means that you gain an insight into all areas of your operations.

Document Management

The retention, storage and accessibility of documents within a business are critical to its efficiency. The Field Force Tracker Document Management system provides quick, secure and auditable access to information. By allowing documents to be centrally stored and

accessed in the office and on the road, the speed at which your organisation can respond will be greatly enhanced. Different document types such as contracts, agreements, quality standards, drawings, letters, emails and images may be held.

Support is available for a wide range of formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, video, sound, image and CAD formats – in fact all formats supported within a browser environment.

Service CRM/Quotations and Estimates

Visibility of all communication between you and your customers is essential in a busy service department. The Field Force Tracker Field Service Customer Relationship module provides users with a complete view of a customer account including addresses, contacts, financial history, site history, as well as all communications and activities.

Service CRM is all about interactions, not just sales. It is more than a technology, it is a business concept, with the clear objective of finding new customers and increasing sales to your existing customer base. The Field Force Tracker Service CRM module facilitates and tracks all communications with external organisations, enables your business to automate the handling of inbound and outbound correspondence, and ultimately builds strong, lasting relationships.

The Field Force Tracker CRM Console is one central place for accessing customer and prospect information which is displayed in tabs for ease of access. Contact and Address information, Supported Products, Service Contracts, Call Centre Cases, Marketing Activity and Sales Opportunities are all visible, as well as Quotations, Sales Orders, Deliveries, Financial Reports, Notes,

Communications and Documents.

Broadcasting functionality offers the ability to target your marketing to specific customers and prospects via email within one integrated solution.

Rapid response to enquiries and the generation of accurate quotations is essential to providing a high leveI of customer service and improving the likelihood of winning future contracts.

Field Force Tracker Field Service has a powerful and flexible inbuilt Quotations module which enables rapid quotation generation as well as enabling the management of detailed tender documentation.

Configuration of quotations may be complex, especially where the servicing of technical or ‘one-off’ products are being requested. However, Field Force Tracker simplifies this process by allowing quotations to be produced for standard products against established pricelists, or even copied from a template.

A full progressing and monitoring facility for outstanding quotations is provided, which includes ‘Probability-of-success’ scores for management reporting, success evaluation and conversion rates; by customer, sales person or product. Upon quotation acceptance the automatic quotation transfer functionality creates firm sales orders and cases on the system.

Remote Worker/Mobile Data

Field Force Tracker Field Service allows service engineers real-time access to cases, visit information, schedules and documents via the Field Force Tracker Mobile solution. Case updates are relayed in real-time to the back office management system, ensuring that company wide mobile data and office-based information is unified throughout the company.

This modern real-time solution works on or off-line on a variety of hardware devices, including smart phones and tablets.  Case information appears on an active jobs list once it is assigned to an engineer. The engineer can then book activities via a series of events, which update the case in real-time. Engineers can audit and update key customer information whilst on site, as well as take photos, attach documentation and record customer signatures.

The capability for engineers to manage their own stock inventories is a key requirement within some organisations. The Field Force Tracker Field Service mobile solution allows engineers to do this, along with placing purchase order requests, receiving goods directly to their locations and the ability to move stock to another engineer.

A key process for any business is to ensure that onsite engineers can capture and record specific information required by either your back office staff or your customer. These site specific readings are relayed immediately to the back office and can trigger a series of remedial actions if required.

Call/Case Management

The Call Centre functionality is core to a business that needs to monitor and control after-sales service to their customers. Through the Call Centre module a unique case number is raised and monitored through its life cycle. Cases may be categorised and assigned a priority or service level. All correspondence and activities related to the case can be tracked, photos and records of problems can be stored, and correspondence relating to technical issues maintained. Once recorded, a case can be assigned to an engineer or team via the Assisted Scheduling module, and sent to them using the Field Force Tracker Mobile module.

Tasks can be added to cases, thereby instructing engineers to carry out specific duties or take certain readings. Outcomes may also be configured to assist case closure and analysis.

Integration with the Workflow functionality means that follow-up activities can be automatically triggered, such as sending emails, tasks or alerts as appropriate. These may be conditional, based on the type of the call/case or the service level required.


Maintenance Contract/Asset Management

Any number of supported products (assets) across any number of sites may be supported under the service contract function. The contract price may be defined by contract period or optionally derived from the charge per supported product. Individual Service Level

Agreements (SLAs) may be defined by supported product and allow differing response levels by asset. Regular maintenance invoices are generated and posted through to the Invoicing module.

Accurate asset management of supported products (including ‘Parent/child’ structures) will allow you to operate more pro-actively and analyse precisely your profitable and unprofitable assets/customers, which is vital for strategic planning and effective operational control of your business.

Planned Maintenance

The Field Force Tracker Planned Maintenance (PM) module provides companies with the facility to plan, schedule and manage all planned maintenance requirements for the entire duration of the contract. Invoices may be raised ‘upfront’ or as visits are completed, or a combination of both.

The Engineer Scheduling Board shows engineer loading for both PM and reactive visits. The fully integrated nature of the solution ensures that companies know exactly which assets their customers have on site, providing the ability to track changes to assets and manage maintenance contract pricing year-on-year.


Smart  Engineer Scheduling

The Field Force Tracker Scheduling Board uses assisted scheduling to aid the operator to select the right engineer the first time, every time. Efficient and cost effective scheduling ensures customer satisfaction levels are kept at a maximum, whilst ensuring profitability and growth. Users can schedule and manage calls, constantly monitor engineers’ diaries (updated by the mobile solution to reflect real-time changes) and have the ability to view optimum time slots and spare availability.

Scheduling should be an easy task for any member of a service team, but often, specialist knowledge about engineer availability and skill levels is held by individuals within the team. The Field Force Tracker Field Service Scheduling Board helps to unlock that knowledge in order that it is shared amongst all users, thereby allowing operatives to make the right decision every time with the aid of guidance and automatic assistance.

Designed with usability and simplicity in mind, panels can be activated/de-activated dependent on the role of the user, or spread over dual monitors. The inbuilt and fully configurable rule engine selects which engineers to recommend based on criteria such as minimum distance, least cost or within SLA.

All recommendations take actual road mileage into account. The system also offers a selection of booking slots/periods within the day if your customers would prefer an appointment option. Built-in mapping and routing helps visualise where the jobs are, by displaying other bookings on the chosen day for your selected engineers.

Automatic Schdeuling For Large Installations Based ON Scheduling Rules

At the heart of the scheduling system is a rule engine, which is completely configurable to your business requirements. The output from the rule engine creates a score against every engineer for every day that is being recommended and presents the best slots for the user to select, in a very easy to understand way.

The rule engine can be altered to suit the needs of your operation, and different versions of the rule engine can be deployed at different times of the year, dependent on business demands. Some of the rules used include engineer skills, actual road distances, capacity of engineer day, length of travel between cases, long travel home distances, response time and customer preferred engineer.

The business benefits of efficient engineer scheduling

  • Engineers spend less time traveling
  • and more time on-site working
  • Optimization of jobs booked eachfield-force-tracker3
  • day to ensure best business
  • practice
  • More efficient operators making
  • the best scheduling decisions
  • Rule engine that is tailored to
  • your business requirements
  • At a glance access of engineer
  • availability for operators and
  • management
  • Getting the right person to
  • the job to ensure a high
  • first time fix rate for your
  • customers

Parts and Asset Inventory Management

The Purchasing and Stock functionality within Field Force Tracker Field Service allows users to view and monitor stock levels in warehouses and vans. Re-order quantities can be defined by vehicle and part number. When stock levels fall below defined minimum levels, a request for stock replenishment is automatically sent to the appropriate department.

Additional parts not normally stocked may also be requested against a Call Centre case at any time, either by back office staff or the engineer in the field.

Stock deliveries can be routed to the engineer’s address, drop box, to the customer or an ad-hoc address. Stock replenishment items sent through to engineers are visible as transit stock until they are received by the engineer. Whilst Field Force Tracker Field Service is able to provide comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management capabilities, it also enables the engineer to be flexible by providing local purchasing functionality.

By allowing your engineers to purchase locally as and when an item is needed, you can reduce overall stock levels, capital expenditure and potential stock obsolescence.


Designed for ease of use and powerful management reporting, the Field Force Tracker Field Service Invoicing and Financial module is an inherently flexible system for managing the invoicing requirements of any service orientated organization.

The range of requirements catered for by Field Force Tracker Field Service include a comprehensive invoice generation routine, triggered off the back of a service call. The ability to apply different hourly rates, part based charging or task based charging is also catered for. Additionally, regular automated maintenance contract invoicing features are also included along with a comprehensive fully integrated Nominal, Sales and Purchase Ledger system.

Payments can be received by cheque, cash, bank transfer or by online solutions such as Paypal.

Field Force Tracker is a complete solution for all your needs.

Gaining Competitive Advantage With Better Field Service Software

Field Force Tracker Software can help you gain competitive advantage. It can help you reduce the service cost as well.

The ability of technology to seamlessly connect the back office and front line service personnel is now widely acknowledged and can be seen by the growing number of businesses investing in Field Service Management (FSM) systems.

While such systems have been around for a number of years, the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets/phablets and the browser-based information exchange these offer, have led to a new generation of smarter, more intuitive solutions. However, gaining competitive advantage, especially for businesses having to manage large field service teams, increasingly lies in making the best strategic use of this technology.

As with all things, achieving competitive advantage involves overcoming various challenges, one of the key challenges for companies with a large service team being timeliness and accuracy of reporting, at an individual engineer level and across the entire team. Put simply, the ability to know “What is going on out there” is essential, not just for maximising day-to-day efficiency and reacting to short-term issues, but also for reviewing and amending ongoing strategic decision making. While knowing the former may affect the cost-efficiency of individual jobs/engineers, the latter has a very real impact on the bottom line of the entire business.

fft-blogimg copy

The larger the service team, the more data there is to be potentially collected and analysed by more people across the business. It is here that the often overlooked area of reporting offers real competitive advantage. The company which can quickly access its information in appropriate real-time, flexible formats, from multiple points across the business (from the board room to dispatch room) and, most importantly, which can also trust that information, has a real advantage over the company reliant on inflexible reports only accessible and understandable by a limited number of people within the organisation. Not only is the former company able to be more responsive and agile at an individual job/asset level, it has the potential to be so at a strategic level by being able to analyse and spot any emerging trends and react accordingly.

Field Service Software Can Better Manage Resource

This in turn is foundational to overcoming another challenge facing large service teams, specifically maximising customer facing time by intelligently scheduling the best use of each engineer. In smaller service teams, there are less engineers to manage and it is inherently easier to optimise their use. As the size of the team increases, there is the potential to treat each engineer according to more generic rules which may work better some times and less well at others. When a company has an FSM system that provides the visibility and accuracy of data described above, each engineer can be treated on an individual basis by the user utilising the knowledge and data held within the system. Not only does this potentially increase the quantity of jobs achieved over a given time period, it also potentially increases the quality of customer service as the customer will invariably get a quicker and more helpful response.

It’s not just managing human resource that represents a greater challenge to the management of larger service teams, there is also the not inconsiderable challenge of minimizing mobile stock levels. A company of five mobile engineers requiring fully stocked vehicles compared to a fleet of 500 vehicles represents not just a vast difference in terms of tied up stock, it also represents a greatly increased risk of stock obsolescence. It is for this reason that companies with large field service teams are beginning to gain competitive advantage by building relationships with suppliers at a local level. If successfully done, local suppliers can either work on an agile basis and replenish individual vehicles as and when required, or even arrange to deliver to a customer site to coincide with an engineer visit. In each case, not only is the need to keep large levels of stock reduced, it also has the beneficial impact of empowering individual engineers who can then manage their own stock requirements, to a degree, with preferred suppliers. This in turn can lead to improved reliability of supply because supplier/customer relationships are managed personally at a more local level while still benefitting from the buying power of a larger supplier. To this end, modern FSM systems now include local purchasing functionality as well as comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) capabilities.

Just as smart phones and tablets enable the mobile workforce to exchange data in real-time with the back-office, companies with large service teams are beginning to gain competitive advantage by proactively encouraging customers to share what can often be mission critical data. One such example is in a service/repair context where customers can aid preliminary diagnostics by sending a picture or video of the asset/problem in question. In some cases, this is enough to enable a skilled service engineer to work remotely with the customer to resolve an issue much quicker than sending an engineer on-site. This can also be advantageous where different engineers have areas of specialist knowledge; an engineer on-site can instantly communicate with another engineer that may have more experience for advice and direction, again removing any unnecessary waiting. For some companies where downtime of an asset can be measured in thousands or tens of thousands of pounds per minute, this is an advantage offering huge potential savings. And, when supported by FSM systems that seamlessly integrate comprehensive Electronic Document Management, any such information can be stored centrally making it instantly accessible in the future.

At the heart of success for any service business, irrespective of size, are happy, satisfied customers. While technology in the form of FSM systems can bring considerable benefits, the larger the service team concerned, the greater the need to rely on the strategic use of such technology and not just the technology itself in order to gain and maintain competitive advantage

Field Force Tracker Announces New Field Service Management Features to Improve Mobile Workforce Productivity

Field Force Tracker Beats the Competition in All Major Features.

Field Force Tracker has recently announced that it has added new features to its award winning Field Service Management (FSM) software. It significantly improves the workflow management and streamlines the operations for businesses and their mobile workers in the field.

Field Force Tracker has added new features to its popular Field Service Management Software. Its work management solution includes an intelligent scheduling engine and downloadable mobile apps for iPhone and Android that enable workers to access and update information in real-time. These solutions work together to enable real-time information sharing between mobile workers and the back office. They form the core of its field service software, an advanced and scalable platform for managing field service.

For delivering effective service to customers, it has become necessary to rely on collaborative tools and mobile devices to deliver the information the technicians need immediately. Field Force Tracker, cloud-based advanced software, enables organizations to drive a dynamic and streamlined field service operation. This shortens the repair cycles and number of visits that should be made to a client’s location to complete the job. Not only software is very feature rich, it is also highly scalable too. It is suitable from organizations managing team from 1 person to 1000+ technicians.

On the release of new software, Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Chief Strategy and Operating officer of Field Force Tracker said, “Organizations are looking for solutions to reduce the cost of providing field service and at the same time improve the customer experience. We designed our Field Force Tracker software to meet these two goals. It is about empowering workers in the field with the advanced collaborative tools. They can get immediate information on their mobile devices in real time to perform their jobs effectively.”

Work Management with Intelligent and Smart Scheduling

The updated Field Force Tracker solution will now enables even more advanced scheduling. It supports multiple team and crew member assignments and equipment bookings. Several technicians can be assigned to a task for improved efficiency and productivity. In addition, a scarce or specific piece of equipment can be booked against a task to help organizations better manage their assets and resources and increase first-time case resolution.


Field Force Tracker Mobile Apps for Better Field Service Management

Field Force Tracker applications, available on iPhone and Android both are deemed as most advanced of its kind and have worn design and feature awards. Their unique design has been cited as a good quality of useful applications.

Field Force Tracker apps include many features for the field service management not available in other competitive systems. It has the ability for a technician to copy or create a task on site so they can carry out and account for work immediately. Site history can also be accessed and viewed in the app, allowing the technician to arrive with the necessary knowledge of work previously carried out.

Details of each field technician assigned to a task and the tools that have been booked can be viewed, enabling the improved visibility of resources. In addition, technicians are able to upload forms and photos to attach to a task or job.

Field Force Tracker applications also send the mobile workers’ location from their GPS-enabled Smartphone or tablet in real-time. This allows businesses to better understand the progress of their field operations and dispatch work based on a technician’s accurate location.

About Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker (https://www.fieldforcetracker.com) is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps improving the productivity of their mobile workforces.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

About Rapidsoft Systems Inc.

Field Force Tracker has been designed by Rapidsoft Systems (https://www.rapidsoftsystems.com) is an emerging global leader in software and product development services, a knowledge driven company that values transparent business practices and provides comprehensive solutions to its global clients. Rapidsoft Systems provides software development, product design, IT consulting, and outsourced software development and product testing services. It has a subsidiary, Mobisoft Technologies (https://www.mobisofttechnologies.com) dedicated to mobile applications.

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. has its main office in Princeton, NJ, USA, a US R&D Center in Mercerville NJ, and sales, support and development offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Bombay, and Noida (India).

Field Force Tracker Enhances its Field Service Management Solution

Offers new features for enhanced service contracts, intelligent scheduling and automated invoicing

Field Force Tracker, a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), today announced the release of new features in its mobile field service management solution. The enhancements help businesses to operate more efficiently and maximize their resources.

Service contracts are main revenue generator for many small businesses. Field Force Tracker is known for its advanced capabilities in this area and is considered one of the best software for it. This latest release further dramatically improves the service contract management capabilities. It can add unlimited products to service contracts and products can have asset tags, bar code or all other data added to it. This allows companies offering warranty or maintenance services to better manage their service contracts. The service contracts can be searched by products, customer id or many other criteria.

Field Force Tracker™ is a mobile enabled, comprehensive field service management system designed to take care of all your business needs to run the complex service operation. It can take care of work order tracking, client history, employee management, parts and asset management, estimates, contract management, invoicing, Quick Books Syncing and more.

Business owners expect easy to use tools and software to save time and money. Field Force Tracker includes powerful scheduling and calendar capabilities. As service businesses grow, it becomes increasingly important for them to be able to manage their work force more effectively. Field Force Tracker includes timesheets, automatic GPS tracking and navigation for employees.

“Our aim is to help our customers achieve greater levels of productivity, service and efficiency,” said Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Chief Strategy and Operating Officer of Rapidsoft Systems Inc, the developer of Field Force Tracker. “With the new changefield-force-tracker-is-bests in contract management, scheduling, calendar and timesheet, GPS tracking features, we think Field Force Tracker is simply the best software in the market.”

Field Force Tracker provides unlimited ongoing support to its customers. There is no charge to request any support or help at any time. Its award-winning customer service provides education and best practices for helping businesses achieve more with their software.

About Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker (https://www.fieldforcetracker.com/) is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps improving the productivity of their mobile workforces.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

About Rapidsoft Systems Inc.

Rapidsoft Systems (https://www.rapidsoftsystems.com/) is an emerging global leader in software and product development services, a knowledge driven company that values transparent business practices and provides comprehensive solutions to its global clients. Rapidsoft Systems provides software development, product design, IT consulting, and outsourced software development and product testing services. It has a subsidiary, Mobisoft Technologies (https://www.fieldforcetracker.com/) dedicated to mobile applications.

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. has its main office in Princeton, NJ, USA, a US R&D Center in Mercerville NJ, and sales, support and development offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Bombay, and Noida (India).

Contact Information

RapidSoft Systems, Inc.
Amy Rosewal
+1 609 439 4775

Benefits of Proper Scheduling for Field Service

Field Force Tracker is the most comprehensive software for field service management.  It takes care of everything from customer management to the payment collection for a service company. By using this software, our clients can see major improvement in their productivity and the customer satisfaction.

Dispatching Technicians

Working in field service you face some pretty unique challenges. Companies with a field service operation often cover a range of different areas of work. They may cover everything from design work to installation, repair, renovation and service work; meaning each day is different to the last and no two jobs are the same in a day. The work may be highly complex and require specific skills, parts or tools for the individual tasks. Workflows may have a number of dependencies, which need to be stuck to, to complete the job so crews have to work well together.

For many of these companies there is also a mix of planned and emergency work throughout the day. The emergency calls that come in obviously need to be managed and worked into the day’s schedule. It means changes to the planned work and it is often difficult to make instant decisions on what needs to be changed around or moved down the priority.

plumbing scheduling software 01

Changes may be needed as jobs overrun due to their complexity, customers not being available or traffic and weather conditions impacting on a technician’s schedule.

Given that many companies still rely on paper-based processes, to some extent, in managing their field service work these challenges becomes all the greater to manage.

This brings additional difficulty to making changes to schedules and dispatch, allocating work to technicians as those in the office may not be working with all the information they need. So, the use of paper-based processes can mean a huge amount of time and resource is taken up by making the schedules for the start of the day and then managing them as changes occur throughout the day.

For any field service company, total visibility of field technicians and their work is key for complete optimization of resources and effective service delivery.

job scheduling software 03

Efficient Scheduling & Dispatching Software

Here are ten ways that the right scheduling solution makes a difference. The right schedule and dispatch software –

  1. Gives you fast, accurate scheduling and dispatch straight from the work order all in one easy application
  2. Enables you to make changes to accommodate incoming work – all at the touch of a button
  3. Provides great visibility of your teams, with maps to show where all your field workers are at any time
  4. Allows you to find the nearest worker to a job and enables better route optimization to get them to the job in the quickest time
  5. Takes into account service regions, worker skills and location
  6. Allows for planned, emergency and in-day tasks to be dispatched to the right, skilled technicians and engineers
  7. Allows you to schedule crews to specific jobs, while recording each individual’s time worked and different rates per crew member on the same job
  8. Ensures field workers have accurate information and the correct parts and equipment
  9. Gives you visibility of assets to assign them to jobs
  10. Provides your field technicians with job information on their mobile device and delivers the back office with job status updates in real-time

Field Force Tracker allows you to schedule your resources easily and quickly and dispatch the job to the field instantly. Our leading field service solution can transform how you run your field operation and ensure that you can get the most out of all the resources you have.

contract management software 01

Our made-for-mobile, cloud-based field service software was designed to provide ease of use with incredible flexibility. Along with the ease – and speed – of our implementation and the ongoing support service that we provide we enable companies to take full advantage of today’s mobile field service.

Field Force Tracker’s power mobile apps for iPhone and Android are available to all new and existing Field Force Tracker customers. They can extend the feature set with the enhanced mobile forms capabilities, and better system integration.  Field Force Tracker, a mobile enabled web-based field service management software, streamlines technician scheduling, dispatch, customer management, vendor and employee management, work orders, equipment maintenance, inventory tracking, contracts, estimates, invoices, payments and accounting. It is considered one of the most feature rich software of its kind.

About Field Force Tracker

Force Tracker (https://www.fieldforcetracker.com/) is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Its solutions enable businesses of all sizes (from 1 user to 10,000 users) to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps in improving the productivity of their mobile workforce.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect correct information at once in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

Field Force Tracker is a wholly owned unit of Rapidsoft Systems Inc. (https://www.rapidsoftsystems.com/). Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. has its main office in Princeton, NJ, USA, a US R&D Center in Mercerville NJ, and sales, support and development offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Bombay, and Noida (India).