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Field Force Tracker is a Mobile enabled field service solution custom designed from ground up. It integrates mobile devices with a very complex and feature rich web service platform.

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the field service industry like never before. Mobility – from drivers with smartphones and dispatchers with tracking software to field workers with tablets – is everywhere in field operations, transportation and logistics. However, many companies are not able to take advantage of it.  But most companies use just a fraction of the data being gathered by these mobile devices.  Even fewer are spending time analyzing the data in ways that can improve their businesses, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Field Service employees are always on move. That’s where mobility management solutions like Field Force Tracker can help. When companies can better connect and manage their overarching mobile footprint, and do a better job of gathering and analyzing the data, they can make smarter decisions moving forward.

Here are some examples:

  • Pulling data from field repair teams using tablets to spot potential problems that could extend to an entire fleet, and proactively jumping on the fix before it becomes a costly and/or dangerous issue.
  • Providing integrated real-time mapping and weather alerts via a smartwatch so workers in the field can be routed around traffic or away from dangerous weather
  • Using mobile technologies that interact with toll-booth gantries to track actual miles logged in each state based on route driven, ensuring fleets remain in compliance with IFTA.
  • Remotely monitoring truck “health” and position with sensors that report back to a central office so drivers can be alerted if they face a maintenance issue or companies can be alerted of driving quality.

Many of our clients use Field Force tracker Mobile apps to accomplish variety of goals. Some sue just for passing work orders; others use it for generating field invoices and some others for tracking employees. Whatever your priority, Field Force Tracker can help you achieve your goals.

What to Look For In a Right Field Service Software

With technicians and managers being asked to do more each day, finding the best field service management software is critical. The wrong system can cause delays, mix up communications and cost revenue. Be sure to ask the following questions to get the best software for your team.

  1. Is the software compatible with your devices?

When you are investing in new field service software, you do not want to spend thousands on new hardware too. If your company uses Android phones and you purchase software designed exclusively for the iPhone, you lose the intended benefits. Today’s top field service management applications run on all mobile devices, whether they are based on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. They support smartphones, tablets and laptops equally without forcing your business to change the way it operates. Having true mobile compatibility means that technicians and managers can access the tools they need no matter where they are or what devices they have in their hands.

  1. Can you connect the application to your other systems?

Field service apps should streamline your workflow instead of adding more problems. Before making a purchase decision, you must make sure that the new software plays nicely with your other applications. For example, if you accept credit card payments in the field, then your technicians must be able to connect to a payment gateway, such as Authorize.net or Virtual Merchant. If you use virtual phone numbers or customer SMS messaging, then you must be able to link with and others. The best field management service software integrates smoothly with popular, third party applications.

  1. Will the software grow when your team does?

Whether you work out of a small office or run a corporation spanning state lines, you need to count on your software’s scalability. You need service software that can handle any number of technicians, dispatchers, managers and customers. As your business expands, you should get invoicing, messaging, scheduling and administrative support to match. The most popular software can be customized to support plumbing contractors, locksmiths, HVAC repair companies, tow truck operators, carpet cleaners and more.

  1. Do you have the right options for client management?

Your business offers more than a one-size-fits-all solution and so should your field service software. Databases and screens must be flexible to keep track of warranties, service plans and other product offerings across different business locations and customer groups. You must also trust that invoices are accurate so customers can pay on time. The best software makes it easy for you to search through past work, find important customers and generate follow-up or maintenance work for additional sales.


  1. Is it easy to use?

Overall, your field service management software should blur the line between front-line interactions and back-office transactions. The user experience should be straightforward and easy to understand. Whether you are scheduling appointments, processing work orders, reporting on timesheets or identifying new sales opportunities, the process needs to be seamless. You should be able to find what you need when you need it.

A reliable field service management system can increase productivity, improve customer experiences and make your job easier. When you can count on a software product’s compatibility, scalability, functionality and ease of use, you know you have found a winner.

Field Force Tracker can meet all above service goals. Can your current software can?

Benefiting with Mobile Field Service Software

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