Empowering Field Service Teams with the Power of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can add tremendous value to any field service operation. They can help optimize all areas of field service delivery. A good field service software must have a powerful app with features that can be customized and used in your business.

Empowering Field Service Teams with the Power of Mobile Apps

Field Service Management Software can greatly change how you deliver service to your customers.  Today, Field Service Software has become a necessary tool to deliver field service industry. While it is possible for companies to operate field service management without using modern field service software like Field Force Tracker, it will results in them not reaching their potential efficiency. As company grows and has a need to scale up the operation, they feel handicapped due to lack of tools.  This can easily result into lost opportunities and business.

In a business, ERP systems manage supply chain and finance operations. However, these system lack capabilities to manage field service operations. Your field service technician operations can only be delivered with good field service management software that comes with a  dynamic, flexible, and easy-to-use mobile application. A field service mobile app can make your tech do more jobs in less time. It becomes the focal point of their daily operations, providing access to vital project information and forms that they can utilize and alter in real-time. Their mobile application takes center stage as the primary form of communication between them and the office.

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Power of field service software

Best Reasons to Use Field Force Tracker Field Service Software? 

Read below to learn top reasons your organization should utilize Field Force Tracker and its integrated, made-for-mobile application for field service.

Easy to Complete Jobs for Field Technicians

The Field Force Tracker mobile application will be the single most valuable tool that they carry with them into the field. It houses access to past and present project information, their schedule, photos, schematics, and anything else they might need. They can replace all paperwork with a single tablet or mobile device, providing easy real-time access to information relevant to every facet of their role. This is what we call field technician enablement, as it enables them to do their job to the best of their ability.

Increases Data Sharing and up to date information

You might be a field service company, but your business runs on information. The communication and dissemination of project information, schedules, invoices, and work orders are essential, and you need it handled quickly and accurately. When your technicians make updates through the mobile app, they upload information in real-time that is visible to anyone in the office. Furthermore, when your technicians submit vital project documents via the mobile app, that information is accessible to your entire team. This eliminates the need for duplicating data and reduces the risk of errors.

Powerful Reporting And Time Tracking Capabilities

Too much of your field technician’s time is spent on tasks that are not increasing profitability for your business. When your technicians facilitate their work through the mobile app, they’ll spend less time on tedious tasks like reporting and time tracking. Time tracking is easy through the Field Force Tracker mobile app, and thanks to the flexible and dynamic forms that can be customized through Field Force Tracker, inputting project data has never been easier. Your technicians will be able to spend more time doing what you hired them to do.

Greater Transparency for The Office Dispatch Managers 

Reporting and time tracking aren’t just easier through the Field Force Tracker mobile app; they’re more accurate too. Field Force Tracker offers reporting and insight capabilities that provide a more accurate and more detailed picture of the current state of your organization’s operations. Our analytics engine is capable of countless custom reports, all of which are built on the information that your technicians provide through their mobile apps.

Supports Growth and Better Customer Service

Field Force Tracker and its mobile app will grow with you as your business grows. Field Force Tracker provides extremely capable infrastructure for businesses while remaining flexible enough to grow with you. As your company grows, or the industry changes, Field Force Tracker’s dynamic mobile app can be customized to meet your needs.

Field Force Tracker software and its integrated mobile app equip service providers with the comprehensive suite of capabilities they need to perfect their field service offerings and achieve sustainable growth. To learn more about Field Force Tracker and its field service management capabilities, schedule a demo today.


Benefiting with Mobile Workforce Management

Smartphones have changed everything around us.  They have made it possible to have data on finger tips at all times.  The constant availability of connectivity has revolutionized the field service industry. More and more organizations are migrating their field force from paper based work orders to completing work orders using Mobile Applications.

Field Force Tracker  represents the best of the breed Field service management software. It comes with powerful field service mobile applications for iPhone and Android phones and tablet. Field technicians can perform most of the tasks using these applications.

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Understanding Benefits of Smart Phones for Field Service

Mobility, mobile workforce, and mobile workforce management software are all top of mind for today’s field service executives. After all, in a smartphone-saturated world, most companies rely on workforce mobility to some degree. But like many, you may wonder what exactly this all means. Are the terms interchangeable? Do they describe different aspects of the same framework? How do new technologies change mobile apps and services?

At Field Force Tracker, mobility is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in mobility as the great differentiator in field service. Crack the mobility nut, and everything else falls into place.

In the following paragraphs, we share real-world insights on modern mobile workforce management in the hopes that it helps you harness the power of mobility.

Defining Mobile Workforce Management

In an increasingly connected, mobile, and customer-centric world, modern mobile workforce management requires every field service organization to compete on the basis of satisfying customer expectations with frictionless, remarkable experiences. And organizations are now held to the highest standards set by the likes of consumer companies like Amazon and Uber. Simply put, answer the call for seamless, transparent, responsive service and real-time assistance—or go by the wayside.

Delivering on this mandate means every field service manager, dispatcher, and technician needs real-time access to the right information in the right context, at the right time. And they get that through mobility.

Mobility puts valuable information about parts availability, expert assistance, documentation about the problem or asset, and more in the hands of field technicians. But it also enables dispatchers and managers to receive real-time status updates from the field. With access to information everywhere and anywhere, mobility empowers field supervisors in many ways. They can confidently make real-time updates to schedules, locate a replacement tech to handle an appointment for a delayed technician, assign an emergency service call to a nearby tech, and even manage and train technicians in the field. And they can do this from a mobile device while in the field.

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So what software and technology is needed to enable mobility in the field? First is easy-to-learn software—built on industry best practices—that delivers accurate, up-to-the-second data to a well designed, user-friendly, continually updated mobile app.

However, savvy field service executives are connecting mobile device management, the Internet of Things (IoT), automated scheduling, and big data to further advantage. Smartphones connected to IoT sensors in homes, factories, and more provide technicians and scheduling software with real-time data and diagnostics. These sensors can even inform technicians about faulty equipment before a customer complains. With IoT and big-data-crunching capabilities, organizations now accurately predict service volumes and automatically schedule accordingly.

Barriers to Adoption of Mobile Solutions

With a clear imperative to deliver higher levels of customer service faster and better than ever, you would think mobile workforce management would be seeing rapid uptake. While field service organizations grasp the benefits of adopting this software, they must address a few issues on their path to modernization.

First are the typical difficulties that come with deploying new technology:

  • Getting buy-in to make a change
  • Ensuring proper deployment and integrations
  • Training employees to make mobility part of their daily routine

This brings us to the second biggest barrier: aging technicians who push back on new ways of working. Change isn’t usually welcomed by anyone, but older generations in particular can be obstinate about embracing new technologies. Getting these experienced, skilled workers on board is essential to success.

Finally, organizations cannot overlook the costs associated with a mobile workforce management initiative. The expense to introduce any new technology can spiral out of control if the project isn’t managed well and adoption issues aren’t overcome.

Deploying Mobile Solutions

Despite the challenges, mobility is a worthwhile and strategic initiative. Organizations that take a strategic approach to mobile workforce management can reap tremendous benefits. By adopting a workforce mobility solution that meets the most challenging needs of today and supports the field service organization’s future direction, companies can position themselves for ongoing success. Such a solution empowers technicians and managers to satisfy customer expectations for personalized experiences and rapid resolutions that set the company apart.

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About Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker (http://www.fieldforcetracker.com) is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses of all sizes (from 1 user to 10,000 users) to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps in improving the productivity of their mobile workforce.

With Field Force Tracker, customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect correct information at once in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

Field Force Tracker is a wholly owned unit of Rapidsoft Systems Inc. (http://www.rapidsoftsystems.com). Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. has its main office in Princeton, NJ, USA, a US R&D Center in Mercerville NJ, and sales, support and development offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Bombay, and Noida (India).