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Boost Sales and Efficiency with Electrician Software

Cloud-based electrical contractor software that enables residential, construction, and commercial electricians to offer digital invoicing, leverage business data reporting, monitor marketing ROI, and more.

What is electrical software?

For your residential, commercial, or construction company, electrical contractor software offers an all-in-one field management solution for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, marketing, reporting, and more. This crucial product provides simple-to-use estimates and invoicing templates to assist boost sales efficiency and cash flow, and it tracks and records customer calls for improved CSR training.

What are the benefits of electrician software?

Best-in-class electrical contracting software streamlines all area of running your business, from bookkeeping and finance to inventory management and dispatch, for commercial, residential, and construction firms. Field force tracker all-in-one software solution simplifies scheduling and dispatch to book more jobs, automates multi-channel marketing campaigns to grow profits, provides real-time performance metrics to reward top performers or aid coaching opportunities, improves communication between the office and field via a mobile app, and integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting software to reduce manual processes and keep your books clean.

Does your electrician service software have a mobile app?

Field force tracker award-winning mobile app, Field force tracker Mobile app , is readily available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Our cloud-based software updates in real time, giving your techs complete access to the latest features, whether in the office, field, or work truck.

However, even the most cutting-edge software won’t help your home, commercial, or construction contractor business if it’s cumbersome and difficult to use. Even for team members who have trouble picking up new technologies, Field force tracker Mobile is simple to use and straightforward. After all, the goal of electrician software should be to speed up and simplify the technician’s work, not the opposite.

Built for ease and speed, Mobile equips your electricians with real-time customer information, including directions to the customer’s home or business, notifications for new jobs, time tracking, and the necessary workflow to accept credit card payments from the job site.

Does your electrician software integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes. The Field Force Tracker Electrician program is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise editions as well as QuickBooks Online by Intuit. QuickBooks integration streamlines and automates accounting processes, reduces unnecessary data entry, and frees up time for your office staff whether you manage a commercial, residential, or electrical business that works in construction. With QuickBooks for electrical contractors, timesheets sync automatically with the digital dispatch board, so dispatchers always know who’s on the clock.

How can I grow my electrical business with field management software?

With an all-in-one, electrical management software solution, electrical contracting businesses streamline their workflows and operations so they can concentrate on boosting revenue, adding new customers, and growing average ticket sizes.

Field force tracker electrical contractor software allows residential, construction, and commercial electricians to add more technicians and sales reps—the source of most of your company’s profit— without needing to add more back-office staff. Everyone performs their jobs more efficiently using Field force tracker contracting business management software, which makes customer management, dispatching, bookkeeping, business reporting, invoicing, and communicating with customers, general contractors and subcontractors a whole lot easier.

Electrical contracting software facilitates growth via improved sales and service by the technician. Field force tracker mobile app equips electricians to show up to every job fully informed, which leads to providing a better customer experience, generating more business via customer referrals, and building a robust library of social media and online reviews.

The multi-option estimate builder helps electricians close more jobs at a higher average ticket, increasing the profit per technician, and growing revenue for your service business.

Additionally, Field force tracker electrical contracting business software rises above other types of construction software to optimize multi-day job management, project management, inventory management, business management and more.

What is the best software for electricians?

The best electrical software will assist you in efficiently achieving your specific business objectives for your electrical contracting company. After identifying the unique requirements of your team, assess software options based on their fundamental capabilities, dependability, and level of customer support. Consult reliable review websites like G2 and Capterra, as well as other service experts.

Thousands of residential, construction, and commercial service companies choose Field force tracker cloud CRM because it’s easy to use, enhances employee and customer communication, promotes mobile functionality via a smartphone or tablet, and includes key features built to help electricians grow their businesses.

What if I have an electrician who isn’t comfortable with technology?

We built our mobile app, Field force tracker Mobile , to be user-friendly and intuitive. With only a day or two of training, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable the entire team becomes with Field force tracker job management software for commercial, construction, and residential electrical contractors.

The ability to instantly access change orders, client information, job specifics, and real-time information on past work orders and service calls via their mobile devices will be much appreciated by them. With Field force tracker electrical contractor software solution, easily train your field technicians to create good-better-and-best options with customizable templates, increasing customer satisfaction, boosting sales, and growing average ticket size.

Best Electrical Contractor Software 2023

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