Mobile apps are changing the life of field technicians. Deploying a good cloud based field service CRM software with mobile apps can improve your ability to manage your business. This facilitates service managers  to better management of your service resources in the most cost effective way.  This article describes how cloud based Field Service CRM like Field Force Tracker can help you in running your service business and improve your company’s profitability.  A good service software can help everyone in the company to better manage the effectiveness of your service delivery.  Using extensive capabilities of Field Force Tracker’s software, you can improve the effectiveness for field services in your organization.

Service  companies are trying to move to electronic model of providing services. Paper based operation is too slow to address customer concerns and cannot provide suitable data analysis. Field Force Tracker is the most comprehensive software for field service management.  It takes care of everything from customer management to the payment collection for a service company. By using this software, our clients can see major improvement in their productivity and the customer satisfaction. Service managers are constantly working to improve the quality and effectiveness of their service delivery with Field Force

Mobile Applications – Must Have  For Your Technicians

As many as 25% of American customers cancel services due to a frustrating experience. The best way for your field teams to avoid that churn is to resolve problems in as few visits as possible. Giving them the data and tools they need to tackle almost any task equips them to be successful in delivering quality, knowledgeable service to your customers.

Thankfully, there’s a way to provide all of that team support without requiring boxes of manuals, reams of paperwork or calls back to your office where customers feel like they’re on hold in person. As an alternative, having the flexibility of bi-directional connectivity through mobility to communicate job-related data helps companies to turn each job into an opportunity for a stellar customer experience.

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Five ways that the flexibility of mobility helps field service companies to deliver excellent customer service are:

1. Access to  Job Data Anytime, Anywhere

Nearly every time you or I call our Internet service provider about a problem, we’re told to reset the router manually. If the call is interrupted or the error happens again, we’re again told to reset the router. Customers who endure this type of experience in their personal lives expect much better in the B2B space. Not only is their financial investment more, but a failure to meet their needs could cost them their jobs and their livelihood. Smart, in-field mobility helps to resolve this challenge by enabling your engineers to prevent making your business known for having a “reset the router” reputation in your industry.

Mobility, and particularly when used with field service-based businesses, equips engineers to arrive at a customer’s site with access to work orders, customer history, and any other pertinent information needed to try to remedy a service call on the first visit. The flexibility that Field Force Tracker provides extends this ability to locations that are even off-the-grid for a mobile connection, ensuring that engineers have the information needed to complete jobs as ordered. Once they are within range again, data can be synced up with the back office.

2. Real-Time Troubleshooting Through Better On-Site Materials

Sometimes clients misdiagnose a problem or don’t fully grasp its depth. This means a field engineer arrives and faces a very different issue. Mobility through field service management facilitates access to product manuals, repair guidance and more, so the engineer can make the best use of their expertise with on-site educational tools related to the equipment they’re servicing.

Equipping engineers with the information needed to provide a higher level of service goes a long way to protect customer relationships with your business. Field engineers are able to appear competent, knowledgeable and can therefore, position themselves as an extension of the business they are there to serve.

3. Capture Accurate Customer Job Details

The drive after visiting a customer location gives your field engineers plenty of time to forget key service details that may be helpful in assessing the customer value, identifying upsell opportunities, evaluating the equipment being serviced and preparing the next engineer who must visit the site. And, companies that are reliant upon a paper- or email-based process suffer by wasting valuable opportunities to better communicate needed information.

Field service management through mobile devices, however, allows for the immediate input of job details, including capturing photos and videos for more accurate documentation, as well as alerting future personnel of potential safety concerns of a job site before they leave the customer’s location.

Mobile field service solutions take data capture one step further – customers can sign off on work orders when a service engineer finishes the job. This delivers another layer of communication and verification that protects both the customer’s interest and your business reputation.

4. Streamlined Services Through Integration

Mobility makes it possible to connect valuable customer data directly into other critical systems that help you to run your business. Through integration, this information can be fed directly into your CRM, ERP, accounting system or other application to keep the field and the back office in sync at all times.

Such a level of data integrity positions your company to operate more efficiently and realize benefits such as shorter invoicing times resulting in lower days of sales outstanding, thereby reducing the need for greater working capital. This sets the stage for increased profitability through the streamlined flow of data from the field through mobile devices directly to the integrated systems.

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5. Improved Visibility for Management

Customer service is about more than just the person in the field. Every step in the service chain, from the initial call to the final customer invoice, plays a role into how your customer perceives your business. You’ve seen how mobility can better track service your team provides in the field, but it can also improve your ability to manage and deliver future service.

Field service management through mobile devices facilitates an improved ability to determine key operational information such as the average time it takes for engineers complete each type of call. In addition, it delivers insight to identify opportunities to optimize scheduling, and ensure customers are being invoiced when jobs are complete.

Every organization that provides service in the field – regardless of industry, customer base or team size – can see benefits and improvements by adopting field service automation though mobility.  It provides the flexibility field engineers need to properly service customers, putting job-related data right in their hands. In addition, the real-time visibility into field operations enables business leaders to better plan day-to-day operations. These help to create a system that is more responsive to customer needs and therefore, provide a higher level of customer service.

Why Field Force Tracker

Mobile enabled, cloud-based field service software was designed to provide ease of use with incredible flexibility. Along with the ease – and speed – of our implementation and the ongoing support service that we provide we enable companies to take full advantage of today’s mobile field service.

Field Force Tracker’s power mobile apps for iPhone and Android are available to all new and existing Field Force Tracker customers. They can extend the feature set with the enhanced mobile forms capabilities, and better system integration.  Field Force Tracker, a mobile enabled web-based field service management software, streamlines technician scheduling, dispatch, customer management, vendor and employee management, work orders, equipment maintenance, inventory tracking, contracts, estimates, invoices, payments and accounting. It is considered one of the most feature rich software of its kind.

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About Field Force Tracker

Force Tracker ( is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Its solutions enable businesses of all sizes (from 1 user to 10,000 users) to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps in improving the productivity of their mobile workforce.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect correct information at once in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

Field Force Tracker is a wholly owned unit of Rapidsoft Systems Inc. ( Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. has its main office in Princeton, NJ, USA, a US R&D Center in Mercerville NJ, and sales, support and development offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Bombay, and Noida (India).

Field Service Mobile Apps Improve Technicians’ Life

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