Across the world, field service industries are moving to using mobile to deliver better services. Field Service companies are using advanced Mobile software from Field Service Tracker to manage their field work service operation.

Field Force Tracker is a product of years of research and development. Our Mobile apps are designed to take care of most of your technicians needs in the field. Employees can see their daily, weekly and monthly schedules, update their work orders and manage their invoices and estimates in the field with field force tracker mobile applications. Our team, at Rapidsoft Systems Inc., spent over 15 years perfecting the art of mobile applications development before we developed Field Force tracker for our clients.

All kind industries around the world are witnessing a push to make full use of the conveniences afforded to us by advancements in mobile technology, weighing risk versus reward in an effort to keep up with the times. Financial, medical, Information technology, Oil Field Productions, Equipment repair and government industries have all embraced mobile technology, and the field service industry is embracing new technologies pioneered by products like Field Force Tracker to automate the field service business.

Time is money; so the speed to deliver the service to your customers is very important. When working in field service, having the right mobility solution is as vital to an organizations success as the technicians in the field. That is what we considered when we designed the field force tracker software.

Key Features of A Good Field Service Mobile Software

Field technicians will only use an application if it is intuitive to use. Field Force Tracker has spent over 15 years designing software for mobile applications. Therefore, we added all the required features and usability in the apps.

Imagine being able to connect with your colleagues and the rest of your staff from any customer site. You can check any information and communicate in real time with dedicated servers. Field Force Tracker allows you to see available personnel on a virtual map and assign tasks and clients to them right using a Dashboard. These scenarios are now completely possible with Field Force Tracker Field Service Management software.

So why are more companies choosing Field Service Software Here are some core features of our Field Force Tracker Mobile Software.

  1. Simple and Easy to Use Menus

Investing in mobile technology is useless if your employees can’t use them. The features of mobile apps are more important than the simple interfaces and fast controls. The basic requirement is that personnel should be able to readily access information, but they should also be able to capture high-quality data while at sites and upload that data to the company’s cloud servers.Cloud services have transformed the way we share data, and it’s essential to have an app that makes full use of this feature.

Field Force Tracker app is one of the simplest and most intuitive application to use.

  1. Data Security and ConfidentialitySince field service personnel regularly deal with the personal information of clients, it’s of utmost importance that apps come with secure encryption. However, it’s also important to note that one of the appeals of mobile business solutions is the ability to get your work done right through your own device, and striking a balance between securing your company’s data and allowing your personnel the privacy they need is essential to using mobile technology successfully. Many of today’s mobile business solutions have been able to segregate the personal data of employees from corporate data, making it much easier to manage the security of clients’ information.
  2. Speed of Data TransferBecause field service personnel regularly travel to places where there is very limited connectivity, it’s essential that your mobile service solution do not transfer meaningless information and if possible can synchronizing with servers as soon as connectivity is regained. It’s also important to invest in an app that functions across all devices so all members of your staff can have access to both the app and the information they need.

Mobile field service solutions are still relatively new, and many companies are able to function without dedicated apps for their businesses, relying on the built-in features of mobile phones and tablets to get their work done. Today’s generation of mobile phones makes this much easier to manage your field service with Field Force Tracker applications.

About Field Force Tracker – Field Service Dispatch Software

Field Force Tracker ( is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps improving the productivity of their mobile workforces.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

Field Force Tracker is used for service management in a wide range of industries including HVAC, Property Management, Cleaning, IT services, Contractors, IT management, and Maintenance service firms.

Field Force Tracker Mobile Apps – Why Users Love Them

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