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If your organization is providing any field service to the clients, you know that it has become very competitive to operate a business. You need to be more efficient to succeed. You need modern tools and software like Field Force Tracker to plan your service operations, assign jobs, keep track of your employees and manage your clients etc.

With mobile in every hand, service mobility has become easy to imagine. As we speak, companies are achieving a mobile and connected field service based operation because the technology building blocks are firmly in place. Even the small and medium businesses are able to embrace the inherent automation of a robust mobile solution. If right now is the best time for your company to embrace Mobile Field Service, then it is quite natural to ask yourself … what’s in it for me? How can your field service business can have more efficiency using modern tools like Field Force Tracker?

Mobility, enabled by the ubiquitous smartphones and tablets of Android and Apple, is real and easier than ever to use. The interface and workflows are intuitive and the steps to properly execute a Job, Work Order, Project or Service Ticket are all in place, and driven by commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications such as Field Force Tracker from Rapidsoft Systems Inc. Field Force Tracker is a custom designed system built to meet all kind of needs of the customers. It only include all the functionality that your teams will need – from work order, dispatch, estimation, invoicing and even or even a custom built job/ticketing system.

In the past companies were limited by the need to work offline. There were limits to the mobile device scanning capabilities and processing power. The mobile devices were clunky, slow and cost prohibitive. Smartphones and Tablets were limited in their available applications, and the required enterprise level security.

One by one, these limitations have dissolved making this the ideal time to embrace the power of mobilizing your Field and Depot/Warehouse workforce. Enabling them to communicate Field activities such as inventory receipts, transfers, returns, truck cycle counts and job completion in real-time. The value of this is becoming apparent to all of your cross-functional stakeholders: your Field Technicians/Engineers, Accounting/Finance, Warehouse/Depot personnel, Operations, IT and Executives. And each stakeholder is naturally asking themselves … what’s in it for me?

The Field Technician can now complete a job or “ticket” in one trip due to min/max replenishment to their trucks so they always have the inventory they need to complete their tasks – JIT. Mobile automation through an app on their smartphone or tablet eliminates hours of decoding their hand written notes from the day or working from memory, and firing up the laptop to begin their nightly or weekly data entry. Or alternatively, this mobility greatly reduces calls to customer service for repetitive data entry. Think of it as more efficient approach to Field Service. Did you find yourself outside of cellular or wifi range? No problem you can take the WithoutWire Field Service app into batch (offline) mode, continue your work and re-sync when you are back in range!

The Depot/Warehouse Manager has real-time visibility to the inventory wherever it exists within the 4 walls, other branches, in-transit, in trucks, trunks, storage lockers and job sites! JIT inventory now becomes a reality through powerful software tools connected to the ERP accounting system and the Job/ticketing system. The result is integrated, real-time enablement of quicker, more accurate business decisions.

Accounting has the ability to purchase supplies for JIT delivery to the Depots. Returns can be tied to jobs and reconciled quickly and accurately. Consumption of inventory against a particular job is scanned and tracked in real-time. Real-time information means same day invoicing and better use of your precious cash resources!

IT can now achieve enterprise level security with their field team’s use of smartphones and tablets. You can limit the available apps to your field techs and provide the necessary secure protection.


Real Time Field Service With Field Force Tracker

As an Operations leader you are no longer making decisions from old and inaccurate data. The real-time flow of information and visibility to the furthest of your inventories and job status’ mean your time is spent working on strategic decisions rather than crunching static spreadsheets with dated information.

Field Managers discover that one technician has the inventory that another technician needs; without your intervention, they can view GPS truck coordinates and direct a transfer (technician parts swap) in real-time. This minimizes shipping costs, extra labor and delays in closing field jobs.

And finally as an Executive leading a Field Service organization, you have the satisfaction of enabling an enterprise class organization at an optimal level of efficiency, communication and empowerment to meet the time, cost and quality expectations of the Customers that you serve! We all know that repeat business is less expensive to obtain than finding new customers. Field Service mobility has an attractive ROI based on labor savings, inventory reduction, elimination of re-work, data entry mistakes and it can drive world class time to cash cycles!

So you ask, what’s in it for me? I think it really comes down to teamwork, selecting the right scalable tools and applications to get the job done and cross-functional empowerment at all levels of your organization.

The Best Field Service Software

Field Force Tracker ( is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps improving the productivity of their mobile workforces.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

Field Force Tracker is used for service management in a wide range of industries including HVAC, Property Management, Cleaning, IT services, Contractors, IT management, and Maintenance service firms.

Field Service Mobility – Benefitting with Field Force Tracker Mobile Solutions

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