A field service software that supports your business’s sales operation can be a powerful tool to growing your business. It can manage both your sales and service operations.

A field service management solution can help you improve internal operations and communication and deliver better service.  It has one key element – your customer data.   This is your goldmine because you can use your customer data to grow your sales in many ways. A good modern field service software like Field Force Tracker can  help you in selling more and not just delivering field services.

Only some high end software have full CRM capabilities built in.  Our Award Winning Field Force Tracker software is an example of such software.  With it, you can manage your customer data and use it to build long term relationships and upselling to customer your new services and products. This is what differentiate Field Force Tracker from other low end software that mainly focus only on job dispatching.

A built in field service CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can be highly effective tool to grow your business. Using a CRM system of an FSM (field service management) system like Field Force Tracker, you  can have a 360-degree view of both your client and your field workforce.  The system enables all the customer information to all the  key stake holder be it technicians, managers, or finance people in your company.

Delivering Customer Focused Service

Today’s customers expect you deliver high quality service. Any delay in delivering service or delivering non-professional service will result in unfavorable reviews on site like Yelp, Capterra, Software Advice and Google. Even a small number of bad reviews can deeply hurt your business.  Many such problems can be avoided by following a customer-centric approach and anticipating customer issues when delivering the service.

The first benefit of a CRM and FSM system working together is improved personalization in the delivery of service.  With the built in CRM system, you can create and manage customer profiles.  You can look at the historical service data and answer any queries. Moreover, a field technician can pull up past jobs history, add comments, track updates and easily find invoices.

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This allows them to have immediate access to reliable information on past issues that may be relevant to current work. Not only will customers appreciate a self-reliant field technician, but the comprehensive data makes it easy for technicians to talk to customers as if meeting them in person. For example, a technician will know how long a customer has been with your company and what specific problems the customer has encountered in the past. Another advantage of CRM is that individual customer profiles give technician’s quick access to preferred contact methods. For example, if a customer prefers to be contacted by text message, the technician will know that he should not call. CRM can also track both individual customers and businesses through multiple touch points. These field technicians work by reaching the wrong people within the company and improving the customer experience.

Improve Business Productivity

In a competitive environment, being able to achieve high productivity is very important. A good field service software lets you better organize your teams and your operations.  This  will sure result in improved customer experience.

Within a good CRM system, field technician or sales persons can log comments into customer profiles with chronological notes and updates.

This enables field technicians to better understand critical issues with a system and better prepare for customer visits.  and chronologically sort through the client’s history with your company.

In addition, all customer-related files such as photos and invoice PDFs are conveniently stored in the customer profile for quick referencing. This makes a field technician’s job much easier, and it is also useful for headquarters. For example, if a customer dispute arises, account managers have easy access to proof of the service and can better resolve complaints.

Improve Reporting Accuracy

Finally, a CRM paired with an FSM system makes invoicing easy and accurate. For example, while plenty of apps exist to help with invoicing, a CRM and FSM system working together provides the accounting department and field technicians with a complete view of all jobs, estimates, and invoices. This helps prevent inaccurate invoicing and better track accounts receivable.

In addition, most of the data is auto-populated, making it faster and easier than ever to complete invoices and reduce errors.

Getting The Best of Breed Field Service Software

If you’re looking for an easy way to automate operations and improve customer relationships, a CRM system paired with an FSM system might be the best solution. While it’s essential for larger companies, it’s also a great way for smaller companies to increase operational efficiency and maximize the bottom line.

Field Force Tracker is a fantastic software that offer features that you won’t find anywhere else. It is the ebst simplest and easiest to use field service software.

Leveraging Field Service Software to Support Your Sales Operations

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